Successful drug addict

I have 112 days clean off heroin and meth as of today. But I’m feeling so down today I feel as if I can jus pick it up one more time and get high one last time. Whyyy do I keep feeling that I could possibly be a successful drug addict…ughhhh I’m craving so badd…

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Very true very true…I’ve always been a binder user after I got sober the first time. I haven’t had this clean time in bout 6 years

I don’t know what binder user means??

But I know this. Addiction is a progressive illness.
History shows us… it gets always worse, never better.

Look how far you’ve come on the right path, don’t go back… at least not today. You can deal with tomorrow, tomorrow…


I know this post is a few hours old now and I truly hope you managed to white knuckle your way through the cravings.

When I’ve got sober in the past, on down days I’ve always tried my hardest to imagine how much more down I would feel the day after getting messed up. I would have all the same problems as before PLUS any new issues that came up from a day of being off my face PLUS I would have to deal with all of this while hungover.

I know people say to think of the positives but in the really dark hours of craving I find fixating on the negatives can really help. All the best.

Heroin and Meth. 2 of the most addictive substances ever made, and two of the hardest monkeys to shake…and you shook them off. Be proud of this. You are stronger than your addiction. You’ve proven it. You are better than drugs. you’ve proven it.

And you can be successful at sober. You prove this every day that you choose to be clean and sober. Such strength. Be happy. Be bold. Be FREE!


There is no such thing as a successful drug addict don’t let your thoughts talk you back into using stay strong and over the urges

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