Sugar addiction?

Hello guys!
I am 3 months free from alcohol! But seems like I picked up a sugar addiction? All I want to do is BAKE. And Ofcourse eat those sweets I bake.
Baking helps me when I am craving alcohol. But I’m not trying to gain back the weight I lost when I stopped drinking.
Has Anyone else had this issue?? What helped?
Thank you and have a blessed day :sun_with_face:


I still fall in ruts with sugar. I do best if I cut it out of my diet. I swap processed sugar for fruit when I’m being good, I also noticed much more energy and less inflammation. Sugar is a tough one.


If I’m not mistaken, alcohol breaks down into sugar. So when you cut alcohol, your body craves other sugary snacks , because sugar is addicting in and of itself.

I like @Dan531 idea of fruit.
I make frozen fruit, 100% juice and yogurt smoothies a few times a week. It really satisfies my sweet tooth. And they’re healthy :relieved:


I would run with it , sober hobby. Just try healthier recipes and options. Ill find my post and tag u about what to eat.


You are not alone! This comes up often, and if you use the search function you’ll find other threads you can read through with ideas to curb the sugar cravings. One that has helped me and others is sugar free gum and candies. It’s a stepping stone and doesn’t work for everyone. You can also find no sugar added recipes to bake that use ingredients like applesauce, dates, whole grains (to give more nutrients) etc instead of refined sugar. Still have to watch the quantities and calories but could be a better substitute.

Check out those other threads!



Yes i absolutely have struggled with sugar, carbs etc and still do at times. In early recovery it was pretty bad but the sugar addiction has seemed to leveled out. I found chewing gum to help at times as well having fruit easily available.


Yes this happened to me as well. I almost didn’t notice until someone pointed it out.

I tried substituting the more direct sugars like desserts with other sugars like rice, potatoes, bread. It helped reset my pallet so I wasn’t craving sweets. Awareness is key. If you don’t wanna gain weight watch yourself - but also consider you’re taking on a new version of yourself as well. You can call it comfort weight, that’s what I call the 10 pounds I gained alongside sobriety. I’ll take 10 pounds over binging alcohol and drugs any day.

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Oh here’s your sister! :upside_down_face:

Yes, I do hit sugar and carbs in the evening. It’s when I’d normally drink. I’m not going to shame myself over this, tackling alcohol addiction is taking top priority for me now. If I need some sugar and carb for now, so be it. I’ll tidy this up once I’m sober a little longer. I need my head straight before I tackle anything else.

Take it easy on yourself, do what you have to to get by :heart::rose:


Kristy, please tag me, too.

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Today I started a two-week sugar elimination. After listening to a video on the inflammation it causes and wanting to drop the 15 pounds of sobriety cushion I’ve gained, I knew it was time.
I’m starting with buying no sugary snacks. It’s also suggested to cut high glycemic foods along with no refined sugar.

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