Suggestions for non-alcoholic drinks

I’ve been sober for nearly a month, and wondering what others like to order when they go out and aren’t ‘drinking’, other than ordering the regular soda water with lime. Any suggestions?! Thanks :blush:


San Peligrino and lemon was my go too when i got sober the first time. It got me through 9 months before I decided a beer was better.

Sugar free lemonade. Ice cold and fizzy. It’s the perfect alternative to beer for me.

Usually i order club soda with lime. But on days I want to pretend I’m like the others (LOL) I ask for virgin versions of cocktails like margarita or Caesar.

I second this idea! Ordering a virgin cocktail is a great idea. Also, not sure about where you are but they make non-alcoholic gin/vodka now. I believe the brand is Seedlip and is made with similar “botanicals” as they tout them haha Can’t speak as to how good it is but can’t hurt to try if you have the chance! :slight_smile:

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I stay away from the NA beers, wines, and if I saw NA liquors I’d avoid them too. I tried the beets and wines before. They made me want the real thing.

One of my favs is pomegranate or tart cherry drops in club soda. Does the job.

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I don’t disagree with you but it was just a suggestion. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. I personally go for some flavored seltzers, however, they are naming them now with alcohol sounding names. Not sure how I feel about that but it’s still pretty darn good.


I’m sure they are just fine for some. Can only share my observations.

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MANY people feel the same. For me non-alcoholic wine gets me through the bad days. The trick for me is to not drink them everyday…otherwise they become just a replacement addiction.

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I could not agree more with this statement :slight_smile: I also love smoothies! Man, there are some good simple ones out there!

I can relate. I dipped tobacco for 34 years. I do the herbal stuff now when I have a craving after I eat or drink coffee. Takes the edge off the craving, doesn’t make me want to go get a can of Copenhagen, and I’m quite content.

I haven’t had the same experience with NA beers or wine though. Was on vacation last summer. Got a 6 pack of NA brew. Drank the 1st…wanted the 2nd…just like the real thing. 30 minutes later I’m walking to the store for the real thing. Bought a 12 pack and proceeded to drink that.

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I agree, personally I used to dry and drink O’douls while sober and it just made me want Budlight.


Kombucha was my alcohol replacement. The live probioics helped me adapt to a better diet thus having will power and mental clarity for better decision making.


Yep. I have to agree with so much I see here.
And it is so very interesting!!

First… Non-alcoholic beverages are for Non-alcoholic people. And the first step towards disaster for the Alcoholic!

However, virgin cocktails. Totally OK. And very much encouraged.

I can only guess… but I think it come down to the psychological aspects of one thing being a step in the wrong direction.

While ordering virgin cocktails actually allows a person to exercise strength and courage. By getting out and demonstrating the example of doing the next right thing.

And being one who also struggles with dip/tobacco… I am very intrigued and want to know more about this other thing.

It’s interesting how the one thing can be a benefit and the other such a disaster, as they both are addictions.


I keep wanting to try Kombucha but always chicken out haha Is there a brand or flavor you like in particular? I take probiotic shots (sorry, that’s literally what they are) and I definitely agree with you on how helpful they are for the mind & body.

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Excellent observation, and easy to remember. Thanks.


I recommend GT Dave’s Kombucha. I like the cyanne or ginger flavors as they have the same spice and bite of alcohol WITH OUT THE ALCOHOL IN IT. Get anything by them EXCEPT THE BLACK LABED BOTTLES. These are very alcoholic as it is a fermented drink so avoid the black lable of GT Dave’s Kombucha.

Ok why would you recommend something that is highly alcoholic? I didn’t realize kombucha was, but when you say fermented, yeah, it makes sense.

Reread my post. I was saying stay away from the black lable as this type of Kombucha has an abv. I wasnt encouraging but warning.

I drink a few sips of kombucha a few times a week for the health benefits. It’s saved me from digestive issues. As far as including it as a “go to” non-alcoholic drink choice it’s basically not super tasty imho. Having said that, my favorite flavors are ginger or berry kombucha.