Summer days

Anyone else find it difficult durung the BBQ / summer season to stay away from alcohol? Its literally everywhere. Beer gardens full and everyone seemingly in great spirits


Yep, a huge reason why I’m on day one again. I’m going to log in and communicate in the app instead of drinking. Glad you’re here!


I used to live in Florida…every day is a BBQ, sun is out, boating, pool or beach day. Learning how to live life without alcohol takes time. For me, I had to realize that a beach day or a BBQ were just another excuse, like any other…wedding, funeral, good day at work, bad day at work, celebrating with my partner, fighting with my partner, holiday, dinner out, making dinner and so on…including the real one…day ends in ‘y’. Until I got my head around that…as well as really understanding that I was not ‘treating myself’ …I was actually harming myself…well, once that finally sunk in…I was able to inch forward. Anyway…that was my experience.

Learning to enjoy life sober…it takes time and it is worth it. :sparkles:


Really wise words, thank you :+1:t2:

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Ah man, dont beat your self up too much! Just go again, it really is a day by day week by week process. Good luck stay :muscle:t2: