Summer party

I have a summer garden party to go to in a few weekends which seems to be getting bigger and wilder each day. Im really worried about going as it will be my first proper social event since quitting. I know there will be lots of alcohol and partying and this troubles me as I don’t feel ready to be in that environment. I don’t want to let my friend’s down who are hosting the party but more importantly I don’t want to let myself down. Anyone been in a
similar situation? Thanks for reading x


I’ve been in this situation in the past. I drove my car and made plans for the next day, that way you can make excuses if anyone tries to pressure you “I don’t drink, but even if I did, I have things to do tomorrow”.
Also, no one really cares so won’t put pressure on, in my experience. It is just a question of whether you feel you can restrain yourself. If you have your car will you definitely not drink drive?

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It is difficult, but can be done if you can alter your focus. Last night I was involved in a party with friends and family the vast majority were drinking. I focused on helping to organise the entertainment and eating loads of food and drinking loads of soft drinks. My brother was obviously uncomfortable with me not drinking, but I was the one in the end up and dancing, having a great evening with no worries then day after about anything I have said or done and that is a great feeling. As others on here will tell you if you don’t think you can do it don’t go! It’s your recovery, it’s your life! Also it’s never too early to leave if it feels like it’s too much. Be proud to be different!


I’m in agreement with @Philbof, often it’s me who’s up dancing long after the drunks have given up :joy:
I went to a wedding and was up dancing, someone asked me how much I’d had to drink and was shocked to hear that I was having fun and sober. Perhaps that says more about my dancing than about my level of enjoyment :thinking:


Go and enjoy yourself and if you feel anxious just make your excuses and leave ,


That’s a tough situation to be in. Most importantly you have to look out for yourself, your friends will be fine if you don’t go. They’ll have to be. :slight_smile: I hope you don’t feel “required” to go. You may not be ready for a big party, and that’s ok too. If you do go, have someone to text or call when feeling tempted. When I stopped using I had the “guilty” feeling of not going to parties or answering to people who aren’t healthy for me to be around and my counselor convinced me that’s there issue if they have problems with it.