Super irritated😡 straight pissed!

So I’m trying to maintain sobriety but I’m pissed off! I really wanna just get drunk and fuck some shit up but I know that’s not what God wants me to be or do. I recently found out my husband signed two of my minor children up for credit cards and then maxed them out and has not been paying on them. My daughter is 19 and he signed her up for the credit card 3 years ago!!! Her credit score is now 415, she never set up her credit card and thought the money was untouched. So the credit limit was 400 and she owes 580😡. My son idk what his credit score is. I wanna wait til he signs up for credit karma so I don’t sign him up for it like their asshole dad did. I’m beyond livid!!! I don’t even know what I can do! She didn’t spend the money and she didn’t not pay on it, he did that. Wtf!!! I knew he was acting shady. Should have known when he signed me up for a credit card also. Now anytime I open a checking account or anything I takes forever cuz they always have trouble somehow. Could someone plz help me in what to do and how to handle this? So far I haven’t drank but the more I think about this shit the more angry and the urges increase.


Just remember, getting drunk wont solve anything and will very likely make things far worse.


As far as what to do, and i know this is not always the best solution when family is involved, but reporting the crime would reslove many of the material issues. Again, the material issues may not be worth the emotional strife that would cause. Perhaps family and individual counseling may be of benefit


Unfortunately, as I understand it this type of fraud is not uncommon, so there may be resources out there that can help you understand your options so you can make the best choice for your family on how to proceed. I don’t know what to tell you about dealing with that type of betrayal and pain, but I can tell you that drinking will only make you feel worse and will make it harder to do what’s right to help your kids through this. They already have to deal with damage their dad’s choices and it would be a shame for you to add on to their stress at a time like this. Focus hard on next steps to solve the problem, focus on making this as right as you can for your kids.


Thank you all! I’m gonna hafta go somewhere and do mindfulness cuz all I can think of is this stupid bull shit!
You all are right drinking won’t solve anything and neither will violence but I’m so mad he would do this to his own kids!!! He does have active addictions and he won’t get help. He thinks he’s fine. I don’t know how I can handle this without him in trouble but it’s not her debt. She was so proud that she had it and never used it or set it up. She has no access to the actual account only him and idk how to even begin to fix this. I knew nothing of these cards til late last year. Then I find out she had one for 3 years!! Just beside myself and angry. How could an adult man fuck his kids over like that! With no fucks given!!! He doesn’t care. So sad and angry.


100% right. Gotta do this for my kids. That’s why I stopped using and drinking. Thanks all of you!

Call the police or write a complaint. He shouldn’t have no penalty and your kids carry the burden of his bad decisions.

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Have you tried to call the credit card companies and explain the situation? You can probably get a reasonable payment plan. Then I would also have your kids credit report flagged, what that means is if anyone tries to open an account in their name, you or they, depending on their age can get notified.

I’m sorry this happened, my ex was a master at this bullshit. Credit cards, scams, you name it, I went through it. Sounds like you’re still married, so I won’t go on. But you can get ahead of this. Stay Sober my friend. :hugs:


You mentioned Credit Karma, they will be able to help you flag their accounts.