Swatting Away Cravings & Triggers

5 days into my third time trying to quit alcohol and cigarettes together.

Finding the oddest triggers. I spit on the way to my car, and immediately craved…realized I spit profusely when using.

Every work break I took today I immediately craved. That was a little more expected. But the 3rd time I was literally yelling at my craving “go the f*** away”. Felt like I was swatting them away like summer flies. Or stiff-arming them like a badass RB.


Man, giving up two vices at the same time? That’s one tough row to hoe!

Have you tried any of the anti-craving medications?

You can get them online on some of these websites. Insurance covers it if you have it.
Have you gotten any of that nicotine gum?
That could help at least reduce one craving.
Hang in there but stay away from people, places and things that you relate to your using.
You’re going to have to find some hobby or something to replace the spot. Your drug of choice occupied your life.
Our drug of choice is also a habit; a routine.
You also need to break that routine. You’ve got to find something that works for you to replace it.

Hang in there and stay strong!:muscle:


Congratulations on the 5 days quitting bot butts and booze. That’s got to be hard to do. I guess one triggers the other so maybe it’s good to give up both. I remember when I quit smoking I gave up booze and coffee for a couple of weeks because they would trigger me to smoke. I drank a lot of water. And No Sugar. And I sucked on a straw. A nice fat McDonalds straw lived in my mouth for about a month. Just sucking on air. Even while working in the restaurant.

Are you familiar with HALT



Considering the meds. First few days have been good but im into it right now ya know? Thinking in a few weeks i might need a different boost. Thanks for the reply

Oh I like acronyms. Thanks!

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For me it’s sweets. I always ate sweets when I was using in my addiction. The other day I ate a large Blizzard (ice cream treat at Dairy Queen) and I found myself craving. It was weird; it kinda surprised me. I texted my sponsor, I called some sober contacts, I prayed, I talked to my higher power and asked for help.

I made it home and got to bed sober. I learned something :innocent:

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You’ll cherish the day you can crush a Blizzard and feel nothing else but satisfied. Hope thats soon for you

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Congratulations on 5 days. Quitting 2 at a time is impressive. I really admire that commitment.

I totally get the HALT thing @Dazercat but wonder if anyone else is also triggered by success? I can be at work, absolutely nailing it and I get a need to celebrate with wine. It was the same today when my daughter’s football team were successful. I think that is actually more of a danger to my sobriety than the others as it is sneaky.


It’s actually proven that smoking cigarettes in recovery makes you more likely to relapse, so what you’re doing is incredibly honorable. Please make sure you surround yourself with TONS of support. Don’t think you can do this alone. We’re here for you every step of the way. 🩷🩶🤍


TYSM for sharing that picture. I saved it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So many good reasons or triggers for drinking.
Success was definitely a good trigger or reason for me to drink. When I use to celebrate for successful happenings I would always drink too much. Always. Whatever the reason or trigger I always over did it. And I’d regret it the next morning.

When I first started my sober journey I’d celebrate my wins on my gratitude list. Like, 10 days hangover free. Clear head. Calm demeanor. Celebrate by enjoying walking the dogs instead of thinking it was a chore. And hoping I wouldn’t puke or worse. Getting a mani pedi is a great way to celebrate success. Or a nice gelato :yum:


Thank you so much for the response. I just joined this network, and it has been nice to hear back from people. Yeah cigarettes have gotten me pulled back into drinking several times. Totally enabling. Rolling my eyes at the thought of ditching coffee too but it doesnt make me want smokes or drinks. Its just another thing id have to slug through a withdrawl for. Thanks again and best journey to you!

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Success as a trigger I totally get, and that I have felt. Especially at random. Tell me if its like this for you? - It’s one thing to finish a big project which is sort of trackble, and another thing for those random days when you crush it. Those are the sneaky ones. Or i find myself game planning about drinking as the project is wrapping up.

For me in this situation I made a list of a few small and large items I’d like to buy. With the money tracker on this app, I was thinking of giving myself the right to buy something on a successful day. That way, I’ll have something already in place to divert to on those random days. Then I’ll play the tape forward - if i drink then…But if I buy cool item then…

I also put on my list ways to use my saved money that arent “selfish” buying. Im trying coax myself out of this “I need” mentality that pairs so strongly with addiction. A few examples on my list are put cash in my kids piggy bank or saving accounts, buy a grocery gift card for the folks without homes i see on my daily, drop an ordered lunch off at my local precinct or firehouse, drop huge tips in the collection jar at my meetings.

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Breaking the habits without being able to avoid the space in which they occur is one of my hugest hurdles.

I work from home. Completely a remote job with no office or headquarters to go into. Home alone all day smoking and drinking and working has been awful for my productivity.

Going to the library, coffee shop, openspaces, all dont help bc Ill just smoke and drink there too, plus then Im driving. Need 2 monitors up too.

So Im trying so hard to replace those trigger and craving moments in my home because i cant avoid the space.

Came across this yesterday.
Thought I’d drop it here.

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Get a puzzle book if you like that sort of thing or try adult coloring books sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how it can keep your mind occupied and off of thinking about using.
Call the family member or friend or just talk about nothing. Again, it’s just something that keeps your mind occupied.
Watch some YouTube videos about addiction. They’re very informative and entertaining and also you might find some tips on how to focus your mind on something other than using.
Hang in there brother! The pain and discomfort is worth it. I promise you.

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You are very welcome! 🩵🩶🤍 Only we know our triggers. Something that is triggering to you may not be triggering to me & vice versa.

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