Take Vitamins they help!

I drank for so long that the panic attacks, anxiety, and feeling not smart was a major issue. Forgetting almost instantly and mind wondering when people talked at me. I would have panic attacks just over knowing I had to go to the store later.
Vitamins have helped me sooo much. I never took vitamins. I encourage vitamins and drinking allot of water. I drink a gallon a day. Piss like a race horse. I can share what I take if you are interested. If you take something that’s helped you I wanna know. I’ll try anything new. I want to feel like 100. Today I feel amazing. Never thought that I would.


Hi! I take a woman’s multi vitamin, but I also take a Super B-complex vitamin. Alcohol depletes the B-vitamin from the brain (the biggest vitamin being Thiamine). While I was at the worst with my alcoholism I started taking the B vitamin because I was concerned about depleting that vitamin from the brain…… instead of doing what would have made the most sense and quit drinking. I have only been 100% sober from alcohol for 2 full weeks, but I still take that vitamin to get back all that I most likely lost.
When I was in college I had to study a type of dementia that is specifically caused from being an alcoholic for a really long time (korsakoff dementia/psychosis). While studying this I learned that alcohol depletes the B vitamin from the brain and this causes memory loss and vision loss. It’s ironic that I had to study that type of dementia considering where I ended up years later. But maybe this will help :blush:


Congrats on being sober Justin, and keep going! As to taking (lots of) vitamins, I’m going to give some old fashioned advice and say be cautious. There’s plenty of vitamins you can overdose on. Be sure not to take more than the daily advised amount. And be sure to see what exactly is in the pills you take.

I work as a nurse in a detox, and typically we will do blood work on newly admitted patients and will temporarily prescribe extra vitamins and minerals based on the results and on a history of food intake. Like Sara says, thiamine is the only one we standard give to folks who drank a lot, and is also the only one we advise to keep taking for quite a while after leaving the detox. All the other ones can and should be ingested by having a healthy diet. Just eat well and healthy.

Don’t overdo it on the water as well. A gallon is about the max. Too much water is toxic too. Take care and wishing you all success.


Water and fluids are a must. Peeing is an annoying side effect especially dragging a walker with you if only temporary. Firm believer in vitamins. Personally I try to get all mine from a diet of natural foods.

I know it may be hard for some to get all the vitamins they need from fresh food but fruits and vegetables are an essential source in my house.

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