Taking the leap to self heal and stop gambling

I was 18 when i first sat infront of a poker machine unaware it was the moment it would rule and ruin my life all at once.
10 years later every pay every time i get money its gone , bills going un paid hiding the debt from mh fiance, everytime i have a feeling of anything being wrong or any stress i use it as a excuse to gamble to black mail those around me into letting me gamble.
I have no savings no money no future prospects
I live day to day minute to minute just sitting in a body wanting to work for a paycheck to blow
The self destructive behavior i have is insane and i need to control or learn self control now before its to late and i truely lose everyone and everything.


Welcome Isabell! So glad you found us. I don’t struggle with gambling, however we can all learn from each other no matter what the addiction. What’s your plan moving forward? Have you considered meetings? I use the following website for AA and noticed gamblers anonymous meetings are on their schedule. What’s nice is you’re not obligated to turn your camera on and share. You can just sit back and listen to what others have to say.


Thank you so much im going to look at this now :heart:

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Welcome to the forum :blush:
Day 1 of a new life and a new you.
Lots of small steps will lead to big changes, keep talking to us.