Talking with old friends

So I got a drunk dial from some old and close friends tonight. It wasn’t a trigger or anything and was actually great to talk with them. But it’s the first time I’ve outright told any close friends from my old life that I’m actively working a program in recovery rather than just not drinking. Despite always being nervous about being judged I always knew this day would come. Well not surprisingly it went incredibly well and they were happy for me.

Point of this little ramble is that I know some of us struggle about how to tell people. I just want to tell you guys be proud of what you’re doing. You don’t have to rush out and buy a recovery bumper sticker for your car, but we don’t have to hide in the shadows either.


I shout it from the mountainside. No shame. I’m proud of my sobriety. Hell it’s more important to me than my wife and I love the hell out of that beautiful woman. Other people’s opinions of me are not my concern anymore. Never know who you could help by telling them, especially when they see it’s positive impact on your life and those around you.


Two posts which pretty much sum it up.

You will find that your friends are far more supportive and far less judgemental than you fear. You would be wouldn’t you? So will they.

And in any case at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. It’s YOU that matters. It was your addiction. It is your recovery. Everything starts with you. Everything you have will become nothing if you can’t win your battle. But although the battle is personal, when you win it you will have something to share with everyone in your life. The true you.


Funny how I used to worry about this type of stuff. The longer I stay sober the more open I become. I have not had one single negative response to my decision to get sober.


Saw a good friend in the pub on Monday night. I’d popped in with the band for a bit but he’d been in there since finishing work. So he was a bit slurry!. He is one of about half a dozen who knows the truth.
All he could talk about was my recovery. Full of admiration for me. It was quite funny, listening to him going on and on over the same things.