Teenager trying to quit

It’s tough


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Thank you, appreciate the response.

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You’re so young dude to be going through this type of shit. Don’t let it drag on into your adulthood like many of us have. Been using drugs and alcohol since I was 15 I’m 25 now. Chase girls not drugs!


You’re smart to recognize that this isn’t a path you want to continue down anymore. Follow Bill’s solid advice and lean on your family to support you in seeking treatment. You CAN do this!

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I know how hard things can be, especially being 17, i would know being only 14, but like what others have said getting professional help is needed, you’re in a position where you can no longer help yourself by yourself and trust me you can get better, through your own will and the help of professionals

I think it’s awesome you are making the decision to get clean at a young age. Don’t let your age stop you. There’s plenty of young people in the rooms.

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It is hard but not impossible. It will MUCH harder if you leave it for years and years and then try getting sober. Do you want to spend your years of growing up constantly suffering and battling addiction? You’re so young and lucky and smart to have realised you have a problem at your age. Take advantage of it, get clean and FREE :):slightly_smiling_face:

Good for you! At 17 my mind was so clouded i didnt know right from left. But you do! You realize you have a problem and sounds loke youve come to accept it. Our pride and ego get in the way sometimes. Is in patient treatment an option for you? I bet your family would love to help you theyre just waiting on you to be ready… so now that your ready, think about treatment. Long term treatment will give you the tools to stay sober. Theres also AA and NA meetings you can attend. Theres detox also, which is a short term place you can go to get the drugs out your system. Id suggest long term though, that would be your best bet. Like everyone has said. What do you have to lose by getting help?

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Maybe have a read of Russell Brands new book Recovery. Look up online as many blogs, videos, posts you can about addiction, sobriety, recovery. Follow United Recovery on IG. Ask the ppl you love for help. Keep coming on here and reach out as much as you need to. And have an ‘action plan’ - what are things / hobbies you like to do other than getting high? Surround yourself with the right ppl. I think it’s so awesome that you want to make this change, and you can do it! you just gotta want to and believe in yourself enough that nothing is going to get in your way.

It’s never too late… Ask for help. Use your strong voice.

What is your drug of choice? Just on what you say and how you are saying it seems like you are lost and I hope you know that it only can get worse…may I ask you a few questions so I can try and find you some help???