Tell about your country's medical system for alcoholics

Just wondering after I read one post here.

For an example where I live. If you have poisoned yourself with alcohol for days. Let’s say you are in a bad stupor and can’t really get sober yourself, there are basically two private hospitals you can turn to. One is cheaper ca 70€ per day but it’s crowded and you are treated like a dog, you get to be yelled at and pushed around if you misunderstood rules. The other one is 150€ per day. And staff uses low tones and treats you like a human, private rooms with video surveillance and TV.

Also a psychiatric state hospitals might take you in if there is danger of delirium. Healthcare is free in state hospitals.

Nevertheless I have been a patient in two state County hospitals and had to pay a bill for about 150€ after a night’s care.

The care is about the same in all four variations. IV with NaCl plus vitamin B6 and B11, magnesium shots and sleeping pills, plus some tranqulizers. No blood samples but they measure pressure after you arrive and after some period of IV. Stay in time 15-50hours.

I’ve had help in all the above mentioned places. Over the last three and a half years. In total 9 times. 5 of them in the more expensive private hospital. Longest time sober was until this July 7 months and change. Haven’t had a drink for a almost 2 months since.

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I went to rehab for free. Twice. In the state of Pennsylvania once and the state of New York once. I also went to a nice rehab and only had a $250 co-pays for an $18,000 stay.


I live in Canada.

I’ve had some mental health issues to deal with alongside my alcohol use, so keep in mind I’ve accessed quite a lot more services than one normally would with an alcohol problem alone. Over the past 3-4 years, I’ve:

  • gone to a dedicated inpatient detox facility twice
  • detoxed in the hospital several times
  • spoken with doctors and psychiatrists many times about my addiction and mental health
  • accessed a therapist for individual counselling
  • gone to a few different varieties of group therapy
  • spent (cumulatively) about 2 months in psychiatric care
  • had quite a number of visits to the ER

All of this was covered in one way or another, and none of this cost me anything out of pocket. I feel incredibly guilty when I think about how much it all would cost. But without it, I would be dead. Without question. By paying taxes throughout my lifetime, I do my part to cover the cost.


Our healthcare system is similar to Canada. Although not efficiently funded when it comes to mental issues. For example psychological care has long queue. Usually a month at least so most people choose private practises. I can’t even recall how many different psychologists I have met in the last 10 years.

If you check in to ER visibly not harmed but, hammered they decline to service you.

The two times I got help in state hospital was only because of 1. Member of my family knew the chief doc, and basicly begged on her knees they would help me. 2. my girlfriend didn’t take no for an answer and talked about an hour to get them to accept me.

Luckily I don’t have anxieties or mental breakdowns when I’m sober. And all those years I kind of wished that all my problems would go away, so I could sit back and enjoy my beers.

In August I had disulfiram antabus implanted in a private clinic. Dose for 2 years 320 euro money.

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Hello there, I hope you’re doing well?
I am researching the Disulfiram implant and wondered if it had been of use to you?
Best wishes


Im since sober. I attend AA meetings weekly, and I have no desire to pick up.
First 2 years I guess we can say it was double protection with disulfiram and AA :slight_smile:


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I’m very, very lucky for the NHS in the UK.
I’ve never been through rehab, but I have been in hospital twice to detox. I am also under the hospital’s alcohol team for bloodwork and liver imaging, and I have an alcohol counsellor who I see every week, as well as the clinical team who offer Antabuse, etc.
All free, and minimal wait times.
Again, I acknowledge how awfully privileged I am and am very grateful for our services.

Edit: sorry! I didn’t see how old this thread was! Whoops.


In America it’s interesting as famous people go to the best rehabs literally dozens of times and still die from overdoses or alcoholism. I have zero sympathy for them when others who are broke end up on a weeks long wait-list to just get help the first time.

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But you can’t blame them. It’s the system that glorifies neoliberalism.