Temptation Is Lurking

Hi. My name is Chris. Using the sobertime app it calculates I’ve had three months of sobriety from lust seeking behaviors as of today. This includes both viewing of adult material and self pleasure. Temptation has been lurking however and internally my alarm bells are all going off because this is when I usually give in to viewing things online that seem innocent at face value, but always leads to worse and worse conciquences. I am trying something new this time…posting about my struggle before I talk those steps down the wrong path in hopes someone’s encouragement will help me keep my head on straight and stay focused. Temptation makes me start thinking very illogically and to be frank, my marriage is at stake if I go down that path. I invite anyone to share their initial thoughts after reading my situation whether it be a life giving word or someone downcast in the same scenario. Thank you sincerely for any time you devote to replying. It is helpful to me beyond what you understand.


Hi Chris! I don’t share the same addiction as urself (mine is drugs), BUT I can share that when I have that temptation to use, the 1st step I also try to do is to post on here first. Get it out! I also “play the tape to the end”… as in how will this turn out if I act on my urges? Realistically looking at the big picture… our addictions serve no purpose, they hold no value in our lives… at first glance it might seem that they give us a sense of release or freedom from pain etc, but the problem is always there after everything is said and done :frowning: in fact… it makes things 100x worse (as u mentioned with ur marriage). Remember… our minds will lie to us and try to convince us that once will be okay. But we all know too well that things go downhill very quickly. You are capable of staying on track! Take it one min, one hour, or one day at a time! Write down ur reasons for staying away from your addiction… think of the positives that ur life can be filled with by staying away. Distraction is also good! If u can find something to occupy ur time. Keep posting :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the 90 days, Chris.

People use the word, temptation, to describe a lot of different things.

When you say temptation, what exactly are you referring to?