Thankful to everyone

So I did the 30 day inpatient rehab back in November 2019, actually stayed 36 days. Was out of work for about 3 months. I enjoyed the time off getting better and then spending time with my family. But I started feeling anxious so come The 2nd week of January this year I went back to work. I was doing good but evening in February I decided to grab some miniatures and without thinking I drank I don’t know how many of them! Never went home, I ended up 10/15 miles from where I live. My kids keep calling me and I would answer slurring my words, some way or another I finally told them where I was not actually knowing but guessing is what I did. I damaged the new vehicle my husband got, lost my trust from kids and husband for a bit. But til this day day I now have 1 month and 1 day sober. The thoughts of drinking and waking up with a hangover, calling into work and being dumb while drunk doesn’t seem to appealing to me anymore! I thank my kids and husband for taking the time to understand and support me through all this!!! If it wasn’t for them I would definitely be dead!!! Thank you to you all as well for being there! I come here and read people’s posts and some motivate me and lets me know that there is hope out there! I pray for those that are still struggling! Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


Good job @Bcmog
Glad to see you made your way back to TS.
It has been such a helpful place for me since there are such wonderful people on TS.

Keep going and don’t be a stranger!!


Glad you are back on track! Keep moving into the right direction, life is better sober :wink:

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