That little voice in your head

Hey guys im just checking in. Im 62 days sober ! Its crazy because these last 2 weeks have been kicking my ass ! Ill have my days where im completely ok and dont think about alcohol but then ive had 2 or 3 days throughout the last 2 weeks where ive had to come here and vent to u guys to stop myself from relapsing. Although ive had those rough days its starting to feel like i can have a normal life. Will i always be an alcoholic? Yup. Can i live a normal life? Yup again. Will i have days where i feel like having a drink? Absolutely. Do i have to give in to that negative thought? Absolutely not. Knowing i have that choice and i have control to say no is starting to feel empowering. It was hard at first and its getting easier. Hope everyone else is doing good!


It is so great to hear you’re doing well.

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You have the vision. As long as you stay focused on that vision it will never become unclear. Keep livin it! One sober day at a time.

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It gets easier and more normal the more you do it, practice makes perfect! Keep up the good work, always remember why you got sober in the first place. You’ve grown quite a bit in your 2 months, from posts of despair and being unsure, to being able to handle the life of a sane, rational individual. Always makes me happy to see the transformation.