That sleep though

Wow!!! I honestly can’t remember the last time I went without smoking for even just one day…I’m someone who would wake up “feeling nauseous” so I’d start smoking immediately starting in the morning (which now I know is a sign of cannaboid hypermesis syndrome it’s known as the “prodromal stage” and I wrote about how I hit the second stage recently - intense stomach pain and continuous vomiting that almost put me in the ER which is the reason I was even able to stop smoking. I’m way too afraid of that happening again - plus I never thought I’d be able to go without and I really want to push myself to be able to say actually I can…

Well let me tell you!! I literally had the BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE which I never would have believed because “weed helps you sleep”:roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

I haven’t drank in a few days, but today is only day 2 of no green. I feel good. I just keep thinking about how proud I will be to keep this streak going.

I got this. WE got this. Have an amazing day y’all. 🫶🏻


I’m so glad the first few days are going well for you!!! I’m also here for marijuana. The first few days I slept fine and even started dreaming again. Then, the insomnia started to hit a little bit. I have a huge psychological dependence on marijuana, so now I’m at the crying stage :frowning: rooting for you girl! I appreciate all of your positivity, and I look forward to seeing more posts from you!


Aww I totally understand. I’ve been highly addicted to it since I was a teenager! I never thought I’d be able to quit but now I’m being forced. :sweat_smile: I’ve cried a few times already tbh lol. But I’m hoping now that I’ve got one day/night down without it, I can keep it up. Mostly because I can’t deal with the pain I dealt with two nights ago​:woozy_face: I’m sorry about the insomnia :frowning: I was shocked I wasn’t up all night last night but I am a single autism momma so that would make anyone tired I guess. :rofl: I did also have vivid dreams last night too. I am diagnosed with bipolar 2 which obviously messes with your mental/sleep in general so I’m expecting sleep problems even more so now. But hopefully I get some more deep sleep like I did last night! It was much needed. And thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope your sleep gets better. Have you tried melatonin? I know it’s not for everyone. I’m afraid of taking anything after what I went through a few nights ago tbh​:tired_face:

That’s amazing! Remember this feeling when the next urge happens. The mind makes the good days harder to recall then the difficult ones.

Keep it up @Lainenicole96

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Single mama here too. And it’s thanksigiving break :tired_face:. I love my little but detoxing with her around 24/7 has been a huge challenge. That’s a good call on the melatonin. I have sleeping pills but I find myself not wanting to take them. Thanks girl :heart: