•The 3 day hump•

So I’m getting ready for bed, reflecting on the day. I’ve had a dull headache going strong for 4 days. I’m not working right now because I’m a cosmetology apprentice. And the salon I work at is undergoing renovations so im out of work and board to death! Normally on my days off I lunch with friends pretty much any friend that will cocktail with me and then take the day by storm after 1/2 drinks with lunch roll it into happy hour and then sunset witch is usually when I tilt off to the point of now returning… but today I went home after coffee, and did some mail organizing and cleaning! Shit I would normally put off! Tonight we went out with some family friends, where EVERYONE was drinking…but me and I had a root beer float & two little check the app anxiety attack’s! I’m home in bed and proud of myself!!! It’s all about getting over the humps! Now I want to make the 7 day hump!!!


Good job! This is one of the hardest darn things I have ever done

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Good job! Making it at 14 days is the key. You’re doing a great job setting small goals to gwt there. One day at a time and all those days add up!

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