The $ and the milestones

Just taking a minute to realize the money that I’m saving in recovery. Considering I lost my job on halloween after failing a drug screen. And this app helps me calculate how much I’m saving for just a normal day. Not even taking into effect the days I went overboard and spent more. Ending my 9th day which is also a personal milestone. I have also realized that I’ve saved basically what wouldve been my paycheck for this week.


I saved 7k in cash in 6 months when I quit plus new iPhone trips all around NZ with AA, new boots new watch plus probably my life, my health, everything got better


I live in a place alcohol is cheaper than water so they say, so I haven’t actually saved that much just from not buying booze - however being sober is also teaching me to be more careful how I spend money (ex, making dinner instead of easy take out) so I am saving. Trying to save for rainy day and someday retirement. Feels good to see money actually add up. Not much but… feel good the same.


Spending ar least $40 a day on meth, I’ve saved $400 in 10 days and started my longest running of sobriety since my addiction began. And now that I can pass a drug test I’m also working on getting my job back!