The Art of Tidying Up


Yea I also have some clothes that a size down too!!


I watched the show and really enjoyed it! She’s such a postive little person who seems to know a lot about joy and serenity. I used her folding method to organize my drawers and I LOVE it!


Ok let’s count. I’m going to count mine tonight. DONT JUDGE ME



67 total including boots and sandals, 68 if you include the pair I ordered :flushed:


Love this. Picking versatile pieces that can go a number of ways.


Yes, I love this show and just finished season 1. I read her book a couple years ago and cleaned out my clothes, kitchen, and linen closet after that. Now, I’m working on miscellaneous stuff which is everything else. This could take a while.:unicorn:


Right!? Takes forever. So, I had downsized my wardrobe to 1/3 of its prior self. I am now in the folding stage :weary:


I’ve been thinking of watching that show it’s been in my face for a while on Netflix. I’m coming from the same place as far as the anxiety and for me + job + kids+ 3 dogs + man child hubby… its alot and drinking just helps you be carefree like, what seems like every one else in the world has. But thanks for the recommendation because I wasnt sure if it was something worth watching or not.


My family is the same!! 3 kids, man baby, giant shedding dog, and work ft. Changing the space you live in can be life changing!


I’ve really noticed that alot. I started working on my drinking January 12 and had 2 nights I drank and now on day 5. But I have noticed rearranging and changing your scenery really helps change your habits because it’s not the same ol same ol. It’s new! And looks different than it did when you were drinking! I love it!


Yes and clutter causes anxiety. My bedroom should be a sanctuary, not a catch all!


Right! I made that my mission last year to have my bedroom be, and I used the same word, a sanctuary. And I loved it. I made it a point to keep it that was as long as possible so when I was feeling overwhelmed I could just go relax and calm down for a little minute. It turned into a giant laundry hamper with clean clothes everywhere and made my stress 10 times worse. Ive gotten most of it back in order. I used to watch hoarders while I was cleaning up because it just made me want to clean so I didnt turn into one of those people lol!


Guys! I totally konmari-Ed my hutch/crafting closet…which was…abhorently messy. Tbh, I always kept the doors closed so I was even surprised HOW bad it was when I took the before pic. Check it out!


@ELY83 Awesome! :unicorn:


You should post that on Instagram :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Soooo the hubs and I finally watched the first episode and let me tell you it was great. The next day I went through my step daughters clothes and weeded out the stuff that didnt fit her and folded everything the way she showed on the show!! It was such a great feeling!!


I am applying the principles to everything in my house, slowly, and finding it so liberating. From the folding techniques which actually saves space as much as displays things for easier finding, to how to evaluate what to keep and what to donate or recycle, etc. Rather than attempting to pile all my laundry/linens up, I’m sorting them as I do laundry. I’ve rearranged my bath and kitchen linens, cleared out and organized under my kitchen and bathroom sinks, and am almost finished going through my office. I’ve cleared out 3 bookshelves and an entire cabinet that I can now donate or use elsewhere. It’s becoming fun to apply these principles every day rather than overwhelming.


Yes!! I absolutely love everything about her process. That’s so awesome! I can’t wait to organize my house properly. Still working on my room lol