The Art of Tidying Up



I can definitely relate. I think a messy environment subconsciencly sends “messy signals” to your brain, which can definitely effect your mood. I always feel better when the house is clean.

I can also relate this to showers and bathing as well. If I neglect to shower for a few days then I start to feel “dirty”, and I’m not talking only physically but mentally as well. After a shower I feel much better, I see it as almost a “cleansing ritual”, where I’m not only washing away the dirt from yesterday, but also the negative energies and emotions from the previous day.


I do this too in the shower, this helps start or end my days wonderfully!


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My closet is almost complete. Discovered her folding system works brilliantly for packing a suitcase. I’ve curated staple items and a few extras that bring me joy- so much room in there!