The challenge of being on MAT. In recovery community..don't let anyone dictate your path to recovery

If you’re on MAT trying to save your life. But wen you go to meetings and made to feel less than do to your MAT assistance but they say no judgement but then told you can’t go on a commitment to spread the messages of hope to help save other people looking to find a new way of life has never sat well with me. And the only requirement is a desire to stop using/drinking. But then comes the judgement and stipulations do to you being on MAT assistance. I believe none of that should matter, all that should matter is you have the desire to stop using and wanting to spread the messages of hope… Id really believe it is vital for the NA and AA fellow ship to evolve because we as people evolve and drugs evolve so there for we must not change the format but I’d say update it a little because if it doesn’t change how are we as evolved people and drug addicts and alcoholics sapos to relate to it. And help others see that no matter what we expect you for you and your willingness to change and find a new way of life and show others a new way of life… So if you can relate to this please respond to this and let’s help not only each other find a new way of recovery but all others…


Yeah. Medication Assisted Treatment is entirely between a person and their doctor.

In the AA big book, it also recommends having the help of a medical professional when needed, and notes we don’t have a monopoly on recovery.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen individuals in recovery get hard nosed about it, though most people I know respect the help of the doctor.

Where everyone still gets rightly concerned is in the realm of self-medication. As addicts and alcoholics, it’s really, really important to stay honest with others (especially the doctor) and ourselves about what’s prescribed and how it’s affecting us. To follow directions and do follow up treatment.

I know I’ve never been the best authority on what I put in my body, often lying to myself. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. :sweat_smile:

It’s a fine line, but MAT can save a person’s life, and gotta remember, I’m not a doctor.


I haven’t had any bad experiences with MAT in AA. I’ve been to numerous meetings where people have been open about it and they were not judged nor treated any differently. They all have been encouraged to participate and take on service commitments just like everyone else. The big book recommends seeking outside help when needed. I personally think people on MAT fall into the same category as those taking medications for mental health. Taking medication as prescribed should never be discouraged by anyone in my opinion. That’s between them and their doctor. I’m in no position to tell anyone what’s right or wrong for their recovery.


AA as been going since 1934 thousands of people in the fellowship it has evolved over the years ,note if you havnt been to AA or NA i dont know why you are mentioning them , what ever keeps you sober that fine

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I’ve been to both fellowships and have been personally told I cannot go on a commitment because I am on mat I’m on my way to a meeting now and I cheered a meeting last night so I don’t know what you’re talking about in case in point it was written in 1934 we are in 2023 it has not evolved if it has why was I told I cannot speak at a commitment why am I told I cannot go on a commitment if I am on mat those are the things that need to evolve read what I said

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That’s exactly what I’m saying it’s like telling someone they cannot go on a commitment because they are on medication for bipolar they are all mind altering no matter what drug replacement mental health replacement they all alter our minds so who is anyone to tell me I cannot go on a commitment because I’m on a medication that’s all I’m saying is that those things need to evolve I am not God I leave the judging to him and I only write this to reach out to people that has felt the same way as me or has been put down or told they cannot do something because of their medication I’ve been sober for years without meds and with meds

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Not where I want to take it where people that feel the same we want to take it and I will make my own fellowship where it does not matter what you are on where you only have the desire to find a better way to live is all I’m saying hey ayna can keep there recovery I take a little bit from everything that helps me it’s like a big puzzle take a piece from every bit that helps put the puzzle together

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And yes it’s only the person’s business and their doctors no one else is not anyone in the fellowship unless they feel it’s okay or they want to tell them other than that it’s nobody’s business what they do on their path to recovery if it’s not affecting anyone else or theirselves negatively

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If this doesn’t appeal to you please leave your judgement out of this please

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I’m sorry you went through that, it sounds really disheartening. While I’m noy doing a 12-step program, and I’m not on MAT, I do take three different prescription meds to manage my BPD, ADHD, depression and anxiety. I’ve been in recovery for 83 days and if anyone told me I’m not sober because of the meds I take to not be crazy, I’d tell them to shove their opinions where the sun don’t shine.

Your medication is between you and your doctor. And there’s a reason MAT is used to help people beat addiction.


Thank you so much it means a lot. I shouldn’t be asked if I’m on anything. I was told I could go on a commitment n then they asked me what I was taking, and I was honest and then told I couldn’t come. Like really

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Quite honest i dont know what your taking about ,who told you that you cant go on a commitment what ever that means ? and you chaired a meeting? and i do know what im talking about , maybe you should look up the evolved before you use it . im on meds and nobody every told me i couldnt 12 step or do service and you say youve been sober for years therefore like me along time sober why are you bringing it up now I’ve been sober for years your words ?

I’m no moderator. I do think sadly there will continue to be bias by people and oftentimes by those who are closed minded or simply are going off previous BS they have heard.
I am a prescriber of MAT and have helped many the last 4 yrs with it. I’m a grateful alcoholic in recovery who attends meetings and my home group is a mix of AA/NA. Half the folks in the room are my patients.
We don’t bring the shit up. Nobody gets brow beat on taking subs. Just damn glad they are there and not looking for dope & dying.
My rec: start your own NA meeting with a few fellow alcoholic/addicts who don’t have bias. The group conscious is central to the program.


Well said my friend