The cycle starts again

Here I find myself again. After long periods of abstaining I thought I had beat it. In reality it has beat me again. How quickly you slide down that slide and how far away the ladder back up seem. Now I lay here anxiously nauseated and trembling.


Hey man, sorry to hear that you are having to go through this again. It sucks, no doubt about it. But you know that it gets better. Get a plan in place, some type of program. ANY type of program! Don’t wait, do it now! It’s so easy to go right back if you don’t have support and accountability.

Reach out here as much as you need. We’ve all been there and we are one hell of a great support team!


Do you know what happened? Do you work any sort of a program? So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well but I know that you can get back up. It just takes doing things differently this time. Dont beat yourself up, you cant change the past but you can make the future brighter than you ever imagined!

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I’m going to a a meetings all day. I stopped participating. Basically I was lonely and there are always ppl at the bar


I get lonely too. The meetings really help. Outside of them I don’t have many friends because I’ve pushed them away. I’ve been reading the Big Book and doing crafts. My dogs help too. Hope things get better for you. Hey, have a great day😉