The easier it gets, the harder it gets

The easy part is the hard part. What do you think of this statement? Can you relate to this in your recovery?

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Yes, when life gets stable/ “easier”, I tend to get complacent with my work on my self, and backslide into crippling anxiety about many things. But when life gets too challenging I am tempted to give up my mental health routines (exercise and sleep) to fit more things in the day or because I am exhausted. And I know that without my sobriety/ mental health, I will lose everything all over again.

So I need lifes little challenges to keep me alert to the daily nature of my reprieve from addiction based on my daily focus outside of myself (on my Higher Power which is through reflection, restitution as needed, and regular service to others). If it gets too easy I get lazy and backslide into old ideas and habits. That’s when living in my head gets really hard for me!

Thanks for the thought-provoking lead :slight_smile:


Stopping drinking is easy staying sober is hard ,thats why a program of recovery will help and as time goes bye it becomes easier to stay sober


Great responses. One of the ways this is true for me, after the withdrawal and cravings and anxiety are gone, I still have my natural tendencies. Something enticed me in the beginning. Whatever that was will always be there.

Being free to choose can be dangerous. Master addiction doesn’t let me choose. But when I am out of his grasp, I can get the idea that is ok, because I’m exercising my own authority. And I can do it once and it won’t control me. This is the big lie.