The first time in 3yrs7mo I’ve wanted to use

I have been clean from heroin for 3years 7mo. But I have a severe shingles outbreak and the pain is unbearable. Since I’ve been clean I’ve repeatedly turned down actual legit doctor prescriptions for opiates, even when my ex put me in the hospital with a fractured nose and orbital, and even after I had two surgeries to fix my face, I said no to the doctors wanting to give me opiates. It wasn’t easy but I did it… but this pain is different. It’s nerve pain that just comes and goes in hot sharp waves. I can’t eat, sleep or work, I can’t take care of my dogs. I just cry. And I think half the reason im crying is out of frustration of how easily and reasonably I can go get something to make this stop. Fuck.


Please stay strong. I’m new to this myself but I keep seeing people with more experience say to call a counselor, stay on here and talk, just whatever it is you need… but stay strong


In the short term getting something might seem to help you. But when you look at it long term, getting something will likely fuck up your life. And there’s the very high risk of overdose due to tolerance being way lower than it used to be.
I wish you an easy recovery. Good luck

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Yea They started me on the same anti-viral but they doctor said it usually doesn’t give a ton of relief unless it’s started early, and I waited until I couldn’t take the pain and had convinced myself It could be inflammatory breast cancer​:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: before I finally went to the dr.

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I can’t imagine the pain, but you have my support. You are strong enough to do this, crying is ok, get ur feelings out.

I work with seniors and have experience how awful that can be. One of my seniors was prescribed gavapentin. Perhaps look into that and see if it is something that might work for your situation. Also prescription lidocaine that is topical can help as well for pain.