The Higher Power

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re all having a good morning.
One of the struggles I first had when getting sober was the practice that I was being advised to find a higher power.
Naturally, I assumed this to be a religious thing and I was reluctant to invite too many aspects of this into my already troubled life.

Cutting a long story short, I have now realised that the ‘Higher Power’, is a God of my very own understanding and this, has given me faith. It took a while for me to attain it but…

My faith is simple.
My Higher Power is my Mother, my faith is living my life in a way that will make her proud.
It has given me hope that I will have serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change the tings I can and the wisdom to know the difference.


Love this! It’s a concept that many of us struggle with and even get deterred by.
My HP is basically mother nature. Whenever I need strength, stillness or some sanity, I find somewhere quiet to sit with her and I always find the peace and clarity I need :green_heart:


It is beautiful, regardless of what we choose as our higher power, to fill our hearts with his love, to learn to let go of the reins and leave it to his will, that has lightened my life a lot.


Yes. It really is.

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if it keeps you sober that great well done


It’s working so far Ray, every day is a trudge in the right direction

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That’s a great HP. I know many that consider their HP to be those in the room with them, or their sober community. Nature is a great one as well!


Yes. The power of the sun is a great way to see it. I like that.

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I associated God to be the religious God as well and I really struggled with that when I first got sober. I personally did not find God in attending various churches. Quite the opposite actually. Now that I understand my higher power can change and be of my own understanding, I’ve flourished. I’ve even used my Group Of Drunks as my acronym of God as that’s where I’ve truly been able to harness my connection to my higher power. For this, I’ll be forever thankful! :heart:


Group Of Drunks. I like that. I’ll have to research more about that


I learned it in the rooms, there’s a lot of wisdom and power to be found in others who have achieved decades of sobriety.


Thank you for sharing this. I grew up in a southern baptist household and have a lot of scars from it. Religion for me is a difficult thing. The higher power concept is one thing I’ve heard about AA that I knew I could never truly embrace. I think if I were to embrace it, my kids would be my higher power. Again, thanks for sharing!


I really like that idea! Thx for sharing.


I have struggled and struggled with this one. In the end I just decided to “go with it”. I accept that there is a higher power but it is not for me to define it or understand it. It just is. Honestly, it’s not much different than how people feel about “God” and maybe is IS “God”….but it is definitely not the Judeo-Christian God that we are told to believe in, because I think that is a human created God. (Can you tell I’m an Agnostic!!!)


“we agnostics”:sunglasses:

Things can get a bit unrealistic if we are trying hard to believe in something we don’t understand.
I know for sure that a lot of people who were instilling religion into me when I was young didn’t understand what they were trying to teach either.


That’s is a Very noble approach.