The importance of "liking" post


Hey pals! So I realized that I haven’t been “liking” people’s post as much. It has not been for any particular reason other than laziness I guess. I do read most post and threads multiple times a day. I reply if I have something to add. But I stopped liking🤔

I remember when I was new here it helped me a lot to see those likes. It showed me that people where actually reading and “liking” what I had to say. So that brings me to my point, it helps people if you like their post. Especially new people!

I’m telling myself this and I will be clicking that “like” button more. I love all your post and I gotta remember to let ya know:)


Those likes are definitely reassuring and great motivators. I’m sure when we first installed the app we were all in bad way and our self-esteem was shot. I try to read as many of the posts that I can, regardless of addiction. The experiences that people are going through can be similar or completely foreign, but are all beneficial to the process. In the end, we want become and stay sober.


I too got lazy with liking posts…i must change that!


Thanks for the reminder! I certainly haven’t hit my “like limit” in a long time.



Fuck yeah!! That’s so friggin cool man! Just made my day. Enjoy yoursel, you’ve earned it


Thanks man, I Appreciate it!! Ya, it’s pretty fucking cool! :+1::love_you_gesture:


I forgot this app had a chat function. Just been counting my days. Lol


Out of my likes yesterday, got the “out of love” badge. But today is a new day :grin:
And yes you are right, likes are very important!


I was the same. Downloaded app for the counter and discovered the forum after. There’s an amazing support network here. Lots of good folks helping eachother.

I’m glad you joined us pal!


I’ve only run out of “likes” about a half-dozen times. I’m gonna make a point of running out more often.


And here I was griping about running out, y’all are like aiming for it :joy::joy::joy:


If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.


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Oh you alcoholics. Always different.