The last straw

Just…nevermind :blush::blush::blush:


Pretty much what c sun said.

Good luck girl.

Ouch…that is some seriously harsh shit going down. Good time to get sober.

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So sorry for what you are going through! However, I’m happy to hear you are making the right choices to make your life better now. Welcome to Talking sober! Great job on the first week! Keep up the good work! You got this!

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So sorry you had to go threw all that. Sounds like your taking the right steps to being sober! Way to go.

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I am so happy you are making positive choices in this difficult time. Keep staying the course and turn it around for yourself and your kids. I hope things move swiftly for you.

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I think your story would neatly fit into other post/s about hitting bottom @Violet. Time to kick the booze and get back on track.


Someday :blush:
Meanwhile, made it through the week. Now onto week 2.
For what it’s worth my kids are all doing well. They started school last week and it’s nice to have some structure.


So glad your on track and with your kids! Great job on 7 days!!:pray:t3:

I am hearing you loud and clear @Violet and thank you for your openness, It offers me strength from one intelligent woman to another… I breathe a sigh of relief as today is going to be my very last, first day at
"Not Drinking. Period!"…
Thank you for sharing and putting yourself and your children first.

Week 2 Woohooo, I’m right behind you!
Kimii :hibiscus:

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