The long road

Made it to 30 days without a drink I can’t say I’m at the end of the journy I know I have along way to go and its very easy to become deluded into thinking your cured I’m not I never will be bit I’m making life easier each day I stay sober.


Congrats on a month sober @Rachel1988 :muscle::fire:

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Well done, Rachel, and well said! It is a long road but a great journey to take. :heart::heart:


Congratulations on your 30 days Rachel.

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Heck yeah congrats on 30 days! Keep fighting the good fight. It gets better

Congratulations on your first 30 days sober!! What’s your favorite change so far?

I know I used to fool myself before I got sober that I didn’t have a drinking problem because I could go 29 days sober. (I went for 30 but at 29 I was usually drinking because I figured one day didn’t matter) I had that false sense of security that kept me drinking longer and in my twisted alcoholic thinking, I’d want to celebrate not drinking by having a drink!

I’m glad to be sober and connecting with others like me. Taking it one day at a time and doing whatever it takes to end today sober is how my life keeps changing for the better. Well done!! Let’s do it again together tomorrow. :heart: