The movie game!

Since running games seem to be a thing here I will start the movie game.

The rules are simple (no using Google, IMDB, Wikipedia, etc. It’s not sporting lol). I will name a movie. The person below me has to name an actor/actress from that movie. The next person has to name a movie the actor/actress was in. Next person names a different actor/actress from that movie.

Movies and actor/actress can be reused, just not consecutively.

To score, you must stump everyone, then name an actor/read from the movie or another movie with the actor/ress depending on what you stumped everyone on.

I will start with Armageddon.


Bruce willis

Tears of the sun.

You gotta pick movies some of us have seen, Steve…


It’s a good movie, but I’m struggling with other names. The doctor has been in a few

Lol I thought I was the only one lost there. And of course I didn’t want to cheat so I went back to the weekend game


@Yoda-Stevie wins! He can start a new round with whatever movie he wants!


Lol ok… Unfortunately he’s not here yet

Maybe we should give him to starts and go back to Bruce Willis so that we can play while he power naps… vote?


2 votes is good enough for me. Four Rooms.

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Cuz that’s so much better than tears of the sun… I lose


That movie was full of stars and more in our age group… shit. How old are we all? 1980. Maybe it would be fair to add a “must be after such and such a decade rule” to this game.

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Ok, ok. Have we seen Die Hard?

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Which one? Lol

Pick one I guess. I didn’t make up this game. In just want to play it. And I am a little sad these people haven’t seen Four Rooms.

Die hard with a vengeance it is and the actor is Samuel L Jackson

Sphere plus 10 characters

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Sphere? I’m lost… Not cheating sucks!!! Lol

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I used to be a lot better at this game

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Maybe we need some options… A Time to Kill or The Long Kiss Goodnight