The Realization of Sobriety

I’ve been sober for 3 days and I’m feeling like I’m finally coming to the realization that I have a problem….how do you cope? I’m struggling and yes I started going to meetings to help, as well as therapy twice a week….thank you in advance!


Realizing you have a problem is a great first step and congrats on 3 days! I’m on day 5 myself. Coming here and giving and getting support has been amazing.


I started the same way. Therapy twice a week and meetings. It worked for me. For me it was important that if I want help I meed to start listen to what therapist and experienced addicts want to tell me. And act as they wanted to help me. Many times before i wasn’t telling all the truth to therapist. And was dissapointed that therapy didnt work LOL. Afterwaed when i started to treat my sobiety seriously it started to work. For me all the things lay in truthfullness. Take care!


Welcome aboard @Adeline
You’re off to a good start, meetings will help and therapy too.
Admitting you have a problem, then taking action is the best thing you can do…
Make your home a sober safe space to be, dispose of any alcohol, stock up on AF drinks, food, stay hydrated with water, build connections at your meetings and keep reading and posting here!


@Adeline Glad you came. I’m on day 2. We have each other. Feel free to reach out to me as I’m trying to build a support system as well :smiling_face:

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Welcome to the community!
It sounds like you’ve made a great start to your sober journey by finding meetings and starting therapy. This is a great place as well, full of amazing and supportive people.
Congratulations on 3 days, you’ve got this!

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For me, I coped by getting better everyday. Sometimes getting better equaled bawling my eyes out instead of drinking…sometimes it was a small personal growth.

Welcome to the community Lindsay and a sweet job on your 3 days of sobriety!
Great job on starting meetings and therapy sessions.

I have found that at the beginning the more i kept myself busy with whatever activity (even phone games) were so helpful. Also having a load of la croix on hand (had some carbonation and flavor).
I was also blessed to have found this wonderful community. I finally feel like i’m among people going through similar journeys. Reading through the threads was also a healthy distraction.

Lovely to have you with us here - hope to see you around.

Sounds like you are on the right track!