The start of my journey and my last chance

Had a porn addiction for god knows how many years now, to a point where the things i watch have become very bad, all just in order to chase that feeling.

This is my last chance because i can’t keep letting myself and my family and friends down anymore there is no other option


I’m so glad that you are here friend ! This is a great place to foster your recovery. I tell you this tho: find support in your community. If there’s any addiction recovery groups in your area, get involved! Having in person community and especially a sponsor is so encouraging. Take proactive steps to sobriety, not proactive words. I would suggest you read the easy peasy method. I’ll link it here for you

Thank you for the kind words and the link. I have very good friends in real life but i feel like i can’t bring this problem to them as im ashamed of it. I will try to use the resources here and on another app to help me. I’ve also installed another app to help block some apps on my phone. The problem is that when i give myself even a small chance to act on an urge then ill take it, thats what i want to change by being here and putting this effort into stopping