The steps to recovery

So here it goes I’m really going to make a conscious effort to get sober. Before I’ve done it half hearted as thought I didn’t have a massive problem, but I really do…

  • went to AA last night and met some great people and going to start working the steps

  • referred to my local Alcohol Recovery Partnership and they are sending me an appointment

  • just had a doctors appointment and been prescribed something for my anxiety and been referred for therapy, also just waiting for bloods for a liver function test

  • work has referred me to Occupational health

  • going to my next AA meeting Thursday- going to try and get to a minimum of 3 per week

I really need to do this now, it’s been going on too long … :muscle:


This is so good to read, Darren. For me meetings were what gave me the most energy to get better. They still are. Then the steps gave me more insight into what happened to me.

We’re with you all the way x

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Well done @DarrenUK you won’t regret it, every time I come out from a session working a program I’m so full of joy, like a weight has been lifted and I can get on with my recovery instead of feeling like I’m hitting a brick wall, proud of you dude!!

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Hey man, so glad to see you making changes! So many people resist going further for help.

I just want to make sure you talk very closely with your doctor about medication for anxiety. At least if it’s a benzo. Chances are that it’s not, but I always feel personally responsible to make sure people understand these medications. Clearly I’m a benzo addict. Younger doctors are getting better about how, or if, they prescribe them. But there are still a lot of doctors who are irresponsible and not honest about the way these things work. If you have any questions about these meds, feel free to ask. I’m not anti benzo, but I’m not for them either, if that makes any sense.

Anywho, hopefully you find a ton of love and support through these new avenues you are exploring. It’s hard for most people to up their game. I commend you my friend!


Now that’s a plan, Darren! I am thrilled for you. Once you have a solid plan and work hard it it, I think you’ll begin to see that, not only is sobriety possible for you, it is a really beautiful thing.

A note on labs: if you have bad liver numbers, don’t despair. Take it for what it is and use the information as motivation to get better. I had a physical right before I got sober. My ALT, AST, and GGT were significantly elevated. 30 days later they were improved. 120 days later? Normal again😁!

After years of half measures and feeling like I was the super special gal on earth who just could not get sober, AA saved my life - and continues to do so. Working the steps has been life changing. Are there still terrible days? Absolutely. Am I getting wasted to deal with them? Not anymore.:heart:


Thanks- I’m on 20mg of Fluxeotine a day. Not sure what that is :grinning:

Good old Prozac. Helpful for depression and anxiety. Non addictive☺️.


Thats my boy keep it up doing great .

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Sounds like you have a solid plan. Good for you keep it up.

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