The stress of the boss

Morning!! 07.20 hours in this corner of the world. Starting work. Is stressfull. I am the boss of a team. Sometimes my decisions makes me crave. Or my expectatives. Sometimes I simple feel like I can’t do things well. Sometimes the day is great at work and crave… a lot of things. But today I am gonna be guide by serenity. By God. Cause I promise u that I don’t gonna drink. And I don’t wanna fail u. Thanks good people. God bless u.


Morning Andrew! :coffee:
At least in the beginning of quitting our mind keeps following the same path:
Stress? Drink
Tired? Drink
Happy? Drink
Lonely? Drink
The mind have to find the new roads. It helps to think about what you are going to do when your day is done. You go home feeling stressed and you are going to…cook!
I wish you a great day at work! :facepunch:
You can do it!

Ps. I was sober for 5 years and still got cravings some time. But I promise you they are much less then they are now!!

Thanks @SoberWalker I will do what u say. Ur example of sobriety inspires me. I need this kind of guide. Now, I have my plan for today and I gonna do it. God bless u.

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Tienes esto. Mantener fuerte!! :heart:

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