The temptation is strong

Why do people have to suck so bad I just want to dig a hole climb inside and never come out or sit on a barstool for the next 10 hrs and drink it away grrr I hate people


Sometimes it seems that way, doesn’t it? There is something I figured out early in sobriety that has helped me stay level, it is the fact that the person responsible for all of my problems is, myself.

This can be taken two ways.

  1. The one person who got me into my current position is me, not anyone else, just me.

  2. The person responsible for getting me out of this position is also me, not my partner, not my friends, and certainly not alcohol.

In almost every, if not all, situations where I feel resentment for others, was from my own actions, in one way or another. Therefore the person who can help is me, not that I can’t ask for help, that help is not automatic.

Maybe this helps, maybe it doesn’t, but we all know drinking won’t help at all.

Wish you well.

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Man we can’t control other ppls actions. Are let a bad 5 minute situation ruin are day. If that were the case I’d of relpased ten thousand times now. We can only control are thoughts and are actions. Ppl suck that’s part of life, but more then likely when I’m irritated with someone else, it’s actually bc I’m pissed off at something inside myself. Learn to not even acknowledge other ppl, there is going to be way crazier shit besides ppl testing your sobriety. You’ll learn your little ticks and how to avoid them. But for real don’t let a bad 5 minutes ruin your day, it’s over it’s done with don’t sit it in it, pick yourself up dust yourself off and carry on…

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Dont let people hold any authority i mean ANY AUTHORITY over your feelings or emotions people dont get to decide how you feel for the day or the next or next week your in control take control you will be alright definitly dont drink you have to think back to why you started sobriety

When I start feeling like I “hate people” it’s usually something going on with me. When I start thinking that everyone sucks, I have to ask myself, does everyone really suck, or could it be me and my perspective that’s an issue. I’m usually the common denominator.

That’s not to say that people don’t do shitty things, but if I’m allowing it to affect or dictate my sobriety… that’s my issue. It could be a matter of lowering my expectations of others. It could be simply learning to accept how others are, like @anon12657779 said. Or maybe, if there’s people in my life that aren’t beneficial, I need to make a choice to cut ties or reduce my interactions with them.

Ultimately, it’s my perspective and ability to practice acceptance that helps. I could find the shitty thing in everyone, everyday, if I’m looking for it. But it doesn’t benefit me to see the world that way.