The Vet Killed my Cat (TW)

Hello, everyone.

Please tell me if this is not allowed, but I want to share Sibyl’s story and learn your thoughts either as a veterinary provider, pet owner, or compassionate person. Obviously this trauma has tested every single one of my coping skills.

Last night I submitted the following complaint to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. My soul is in pieces. Thank you for reading:

“On Saturday, March 18th 2023 I took my 9 year old white tabby cat, Sibyl, to VCA Spring Hospital for a wellness check where she was diagnosed with an ear infection. She was treated with two syringes of Enrofloxacin / Ketoconazole / Triamcinolone ointment in each of her ears and sent home while we awaited blood work. On Monday, March 20th, 2023 I was notified by Dr. Hope Atkinson, DVM that Sibyl met criteria for early diabetes, at which time I reported an adverse reaction to the triple antibiotic she received which presented with extreme lethargy, vomiting, and disorientation.

Upon additional research, I learned “due to its toxic side effects in cats and the availability of safer options, use in cats is generally not recommended” for Ketoconazole, a recommendation published online by the very same facility (VCA Hospital) that administered Sibyl’s treatment. Later that same day we had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Atkinson where she diminished my concerns, cleaned out her ears, prescribed IV fluids, nausea medication, glucose support prescription cat food to start at a later date, and Elura, an oral appetite stimulant, to be administered at home.

Sibyl continued a rapid neurological decline and when I expressed my concerns over the course of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week, I was told to “just be patient, these things take time.” I also informed them Sibyl had stopped eating, drinking, and walking independently. We were syringe feeding her every few hours. At that time Dr. Atkinson offered a third appointment to clean out her ears again and offered cerenia, a medication for vertigo. That line of treatment didn’t make sense to me and when I said as much I was offered a link to an article on vestibular disease in cats. I booked a follow up appointment for Saturday, March 25th, 2023 at 11am, however, Sibyl ultimately lost her fight and passed away early Friday morning, March 24th, 2023.

When I reported this to VCA Spring Hospital that same morning I was told Dr. Atkinson wouldn’t be in until 11am, but that they would notify her. I also spoke with the receptionist about next steps. To date, I have been met with no response from Sibyl’s doctor or her technicians. We collected Sibyl’s remains Saturday, March 25th, 2023 from Angel Oaks Pet Crematory in Spring, Texas. When I attempted to collect her medical records, I logged in to the VCA App to see that Sibyl’s account had been deleted. I requested her records on Sunday evening, March 26th, 2023 and received them the following morning, March 27th, 2023. I contacted the corporate VCA office in Los Angeles, California and was met with no response, and when I published a Google review sharing Sibyl’s story, it was promptly deleted.

Upon further investigation I discovered that on top of Siby’s existing adverse reaction, Elura in particular is not recommended for cats with a history of diabetes as it can greatly impact their glucose level. Likewise, any other vet given the same set of circumstances would not have deviated from the standard of care multiple times the way Dr. Atkinson did.

In closing, our family is devastated by the gross negligence of Dr. Atkinson and her complete abandonment in Sibyl’s aftercare. In our grief we were met with silence, and a complete lack of accountability for these damages. This untimely loss has been a traumatic and crushing blow to our family as our beloved Sibyl was very plainly stolen from us with half her life remaining. I pray you do your due diligence so as to spare other families from the same outcome.”


This is heartbreaking. I have no words. I am so sorry for your loss and the awful circumstances that led to it.

I hope you can get somewhere with your letter and it is good that you have such an accurate protocol.



Im so deeply sorry…sending you big hugs and love :people_hugging: :heart:


I’m so sorry you and your family and Sibyl were put through this.
My heart is heavy and I’m thinking of you during this time.



I’m so so sorry. My dad is a retired vet, so I understand a little about your concerns here. The letter is perfectly written with all of the appropriate details. It sounds like this clinic is owned by a large corporate vet care organization. Those or the folks you need to be targeting as likely the vet is their direct employee. Keep fighting for answers and leave reviews.


This is so sad and I am sorry. Devastating and heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing the pics, too. You took your sweet Sybil in without symptoms and she ends up dead in a week.
I googled the ear combination and saw that a compounding vet pharmacy that I use makes the product ‘for dogs and cats’. Editing… somewhere I saw this, not on the compounding pharmacy site. —>That there could be side effects that would go away. That’s all I know about it.
I looked for the article you mentioned but did not find it. I would be interested in seeing it.
The story makes me wonder if when they drew blood from her if they could have made an error with the needle … I feel like they were not aggressive enough in treating her when she obviously had a problem after her wellness visit.
I cannot see your post (at all) while replying here to re read what you have written. So my answer is based on memory and therefore a little disjointed.
I feel like they should be more accountable to you.
You have a right to find out what they think happened and also take the information to another vet and find out from them what they think.
It is not going to bring your sweet Sybil back but it will help you through the grieving process and perhaps show malpractice.
Again, I am so sorry about this terrible accident and tragedy. How much you must be hurting.
Second edit: I am glad you reported it to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. You have done an excellent job of documenting what you know to have happened and what you and your Sybil experienced.

Big hugs to you and strength for you and your sobriety.


I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you get some accountabilty and closure on this from the vets. Pets are one of the family, it hurts so much when they are not there anymore.


This is just awful. Im so sorry. I know what our pets mean to us.


I’m so sorry for your loss :broken_heart::crying_cat_face: I hope, in time, that your memories will bring you comfort. :people_hugging::blue_heart:


I’m so sorry for your loss. It is so sad to loose your beloved furry friend and even more in a way like this.
Beautiful memorial place you made for her.

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I’m deeply sorry. You have taken the right steps and i hope you get the answers and apologies you need.


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deep sigh Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Alisa. It’s very validating to know that this isn’t all in my head, she made a grievous mistake, more than one actually.

Here are more photos related to the information you requested.


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I am curious what has happened since you filed your complaint? Thinking about you. @Jayms1989

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Thank you. Still waiting. Can take up to 180 days. :pray:t2: