The world's a much better place sober... 😊

My husband is not the monster :smiling_imp: that I thought that he was… I was broken long before we ever met… He is a human being with his OWN set of struggles and strengths… Man, oh man is he ever a strong man!!! :muscle::older_man:

Really GLAD that I didn’t do anything insanely stupid (like actually die, move out or get a divorce because I didn’t know how to cope) in the middle of me trying to get sober and further destroy our family… That wouldn’t have gotten me very far because I would have never owned my issue’s!!! That’s a fact for me… :100:

The more sober time I’m gathering on this journey the better the world is looking to ME by just ME fixing ME… :eyes::earth_americas::100:

I’m gonna spend more time in giving back to those :sparkling_heart:who never gave up on me… :100:

So THANKFUL to finally be seeing this!!! :coffee::older_woman:

My husband is my hero!!! He has spent the last 679 day’s of his life trying to help me in any way that he knows how… :sparkling_heart::older_man: We can both be @ssholes at time’s… :100::100:

This alcohol battle might be one that I have to face alone to some extent but I’m ok with that!!! Thank you so much TS for being here for me and my family!!! :revolving_hearts:


It sure is… :blush::100: I know there are gonna be time’s when I’m feeling really down and it might seem like I’m being tested or pushed out but it’s gonna happen when trying to improve myself… We all got issue’s… That alcohol is some dangerous stuff for some… So glad I came here and learned what I needed to do and what I need to continue to work on… Which is break the bad habits… :neutral_face::100:


I hear you! A million times when I was drinking I wanted out of our marriage. I thought my husband was such a dick. Surprise!! It was (mostly) me being a dick!! It is laughable now, but man, he put up with a lot.

Glad you are working on your stuff and marriage and appreciating who he is and who you are. Life can be much simpler without the chaos of drinking. :heart:


It’s been a pleasure you alwsy have a great input into this community and I myself are hourned to be on this journey with you.:heart::pray:


You got that right Sassy… :100::blush: I even almost knew these thing’s and still thought that a couple drinks would be ok for me a couple times since I joined here back last fall… Well that turned into a backout, day’s sleeping, bad dreams, mind tricks, along with all the other ugly before I realized I had to stop this… Every time I drank it set me back this far in realizing the truth… I’m an Alcoholic… I can’t never drink again… I just made it 40 day’s to the best days of my life because my worst day sober is better than my best days drunk… :100:


Thank you so much @Lilemm you and so many other’s are a huge inspiration to me and teach me daily… :blush:


Husband :older_man: thinks I’m a little crazy with this discovering me stuff but I know it’s because I was always mentally altered in one way or another and it might seem a little weird to him… I’m learning/relearning me too… :coffee::older_woman: I’m not gonna let that drive me to drinking today like I have before… He said to me that he might have me committed if I don’t stop acting so weird, not sure how serious he was… My response to him that day was “Good, maybe they can help me figure this out, I gotta problem…” That was 40 day’s ago and ongoing… I was willing to go… :joy: I’m making progress and getting better… :100: They won’t hold me there unless they have a reason to… I’m not gonna fear that… :blush:

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Things certainly seem more black and white and desperate when drinking. I don’t think of my husband as a hero, but when sober can appreciate he was doing what he thought was best in relation to my drinking. Outside of drinking, sobriety is helping me understand and deal with his flaws and my own flaws in a more constructive way than ‘fuck you’ and ‘I’m fucked’, which was respectively how I dealt with the problems drunk.


PS I love ur use of emojis!
Do u know emoji comes from Japanese? E is picture and moji is letter. The emo doesn’t stand for emotion.


I did not but I’m glad I do now… :blush::100: That is one thing about myself that I :pray: that I never outgrow… I :sparkling_heart: emojis like some folks :sparkling_heart: their :dog2:’s… LOL :joy::joy::joy:!!! :coffee::older_woman::100:


Quote of the day for me right here. :+1: :sunglasses: And it never gets old.


I’m certain I learned that right here… :blush::100::100::100:

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Absolutely get what you are saying…:joy::100: That kind of changed my perception right back to equal struggling human again real fast… Today when he called me crazy again right after I made this post LOL but I’m not gonna let it get me down… I know better… I’m gonna keep on keeping with no love loss… :joy:

I’m gonna let him rest and work on my spring/summer inventory because I know good and well the hotter it gets the stupider I get already in advance from many other seasons past… :blush:

Your story is really inspiring for many people. I believe im in a similar situation with my spouse but sometimes I fail to see all her qualities like you mentioned and just focus on the negatives. I think its the addiction trying to sabotage things so I end up alone and free to embrace addiction again.Shes a super hero to help me for all these years and never abandon me when i was an asshole many times.

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Thank you… In all honesty I think I may get sudden bursts of excitement thinking I’m actually learning something about myself to save myself… In doing this I have to look past the actions of other’s and only look at me… My hearts in the right place for sure but I know that I’m easily distracted from thing’s that I’ve done in my past regardless of why I did those things I have to own my actions… I was under this seriously false impression that I only acted that way because of his actions, drug’s, alcohol etc… That’s simply not true… My decision was altered by drug’s and alcohol but I made those mistakes on my own… Might not have happened if he wasn’t around but it was still me… You don’t heal yourself by hurting other’s… He’s still my hero but I’m not gonna go in that shed with him and the WT… I’m glad he has enough respect for me to go out there… That is progress… :blush:


This gives me hope! Hope to cope and deal with the shame of some of my actions and things I have said. To own it and make amends … sending good vibes to you and your family!

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Wow… Thank you so much for making my day!!! :blush:Without hope where is the will to survive… I’m a huge fan of hope, faith, joy, peace and love… With love being first… It certainly beats the the flip side… The more effort I give in doing right and owning my actions the more positive life is becoming for me… Hang in there @Puppylove it gets better every single day we that we are sober… :100: