The worst about it sometimes

The past is always there to haunt me… Wish I could just yeah, um not remember those times please and thank you lol. Sheesh. Dag rabbit and so fourth

Dag nabbit not rabbit

I was gonna ask! Wascally wabbit!

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Lmao dang auto correct

It made me laugh…Elmer Fudd!:smile:


For sure man! Stuck with myself no matter what bro! Lifting helps, I suck at meditation due to my attention span lol but I play my guitar to get away from it all too, music helps big time it’s always that space between a blink and a tear that gets me with the thoughts and feelings about “feeling” if you will. The further away from it I get the better it gets fa sho and I suppose that’s the acceptance part of the deal… But I know this some people be like “just accept it and move on”… But… Shit ain’t that easy to do lol! Anyway appreciate the words man! Im on 96.57 days :muscle: and feeling good

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Its like the rear view mirrors in a car. We only glance at them when we need to if we stay looking back we are bound to crash

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