Things I Could Have Never Done While Drinking

Does anyone ever have that moment in life when you think, “I could have never accomplished this while I was drinking?” I had that happen today! Do you know what I did?? I drove a fire engine back from my very first structure fire as a volunteer firefighter. What have you done that you could have never pulled of while drinking?


That’s awesome! You rock Sherry!
I salvaged my career as a nurse and switched jobs, going from a dead end one -for me that was- to working in a detox facility, where I was hired as a senior nurse with experiential expertise. A job I truly love.


-Found a healthy, loving, stable and abundant marriage partner
-cared for myself and my family surrounding my mothers death
-put myself through grad school and graduated at the top of my class
-gotten pregnant and had a child
-been a caring and strong mother


Look at you go, helping your community and driving that monster. Awesomeness!

I changed careers. Didn’t have to go to college but did have to take small classes and state testing for licenses. It was a piece of cake without nursing hangovers. Now I’m thriving and my company is very impressed.
Who does that at the age of 50? This sober women!

The gifts of sobriety just keep giving.


Congrats ms firefighter!

Ive saved money for a dream vacation
Ive mended relationships
I have relative peace in stressful times
Im getting to a healthier weight
I found a job i love


If I was drinking I would have never enjoyed my new job the way I am now or probably have even kept that job to be honest. lol.


That is awesome!!

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I love this post for so many reasons! Oh the wonderful milestones that we all can reach in recovery!

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