This is a yes or no poll


Wow thank you guys and gals for all your support it means a lot to me.


Nope, not at all!!!


Not at all it was not intentional. Sleeping is hard when you first are getting clean you might want to talk to your doctor about a sleep aid that’s my opinion tho…


Absolutely not! You are doing great…:grin:


I am taking dandelion root tincture and I know it contains alcohol as do some other herbal remedies. It does not bother me because its not like I am going to get drunk off it or look for another drink its purely for a liver cleanse. So No.



But watch out. A really bad cold and some ignorance about NyQuil led to my last relapse. I learned the hard way that those types of medicine are off the table for me personally.


I was having a cold, several chronic pains and ran into stress-related insomnia a while back. I knew Nyquil Nighttime has significant amounts of alcohol (Way more than “trace”) but I had nothing else on hand for sleep and cough. I used it 3 nights in a row as directed. I now believe I was wrong to have done so (could have used tylenol and meditation and honey-lemon tea) but have decided that it is not a sobriety date reset, so long as I never do it again. Must remember I don’t need alcohol, ever.


Nope. Your all good in my eyes.


No way :slightly_smiling_face: you’re still standing tall, in my opinion!


Big old nope.

And I’m with @Yoda-Stevie. A neti pot carefully used I’ve also found to be a much better alternative to decongestants to help avoid using OTCs like Nyquil when a full on cold is the issue. With, perhaps, something mild for aches.


Tumeric for aches. I take it every day.


So is tumeric good for post workout stuff? Like potassium?


capsaicin. My suggestion would be to begin by eating one fresh jalapeno a day and work your way up from there… in addition to the capsaicin supplements everyday and patches when needed.


Yes. Helps prevent DOMS, and joint pain


I got some trinidad scorpions im gonna ship him when he graduates from jalapenos.


Not at all! No reason to worry.


Yes it is definitely not a relapse.


I gotta say that I actually like DOMS lol. Lets me know that I did something.


If you are someone who works out daily, and goes to a class or competes, or you are an occupational athlete like a cop, or military, DOMS is something to be avoided or minimized. I like feeling fatigued after a hard workout, but not so sore it affects mobility.


Absolutely not a slip.