This is a yes or no poll


So I have been sober for 2 years and recently I have had a hard time sleeping. So I went the medicine cabinet to grab a sleep aide and I went for zquil not nyquil thinking it was none alcoholic due it says it’s none habit forming. After I had taken the suggested dose I realize it wasn’t alcohol free.It was totally by accident and me having a dumb moment. Would this be considered a relapse or not.


For me personally I would say no. As long as you didn’t realize that it contained alcohol, did not knowingly down the bottle to achieve a drunk I’d not count this as a relapse.


No :slightly_smiling_face:


No. If you dont fill the urge to go out and drink, then are fine…


No not at all.


. It will help you to know that if the medicine says elixir it has alcohol in it. You have to be careful with cough medicines to.but in your case i woudnt worry not a slip , doing great on 2 years


Nope! Unfortunately a lot of things have alcohol, but the amount is ridiculously low. If you pounded a shot of whiskey to sleep, then yes.


No, not at all.


No, sounds like an accident…

To my understanding a ‘slip’ is purposefully & knowingly, choosing to drink alcohol during one occasion, regretting it & getting right back on the wagon.

Whereas a ‘relapse’ is purposefully & knowingly choosing to walk away from your recovery for a length of time.


No way was that a relapse. Don’t worry.


For me, absolutely not. It was an honest mistake. No worries.


I vote no as well


Nah no way. Even orange juice can have traces of alcohol.


Not a relapse in my book! It was accidental and youre not continuing to take it…


I vote no.
It would be different if you slammed the bottle in hopes to catch a small buzz :slight_smile:
Hopefully you got some sleep tho. I know how awful it is to not sleep.
Have you tried melatonin? I take it nightly and couldn’t fall asleep without it.


No not at all. Your intent was to go with something that did not contain alcohol so you are in the clear.


No. The alcohol intake was purely unintentional. Your intention was to take an OTC sleep aid, not drink a shot of alcohol. Not a relapse.

I would however, encourage you to be mindful of OTC medicines in general, and those known to contain intoxicants specifically. I avoid them. I take tumeric (the spice, in capsule form) for pain daily, and for acute pain, I use ice. For a cough, I use honey and lemon. For congestion, I use a neti pot.

Prescription medications are a different matter, so be discussed with your doctor. Whenever my doctor says he wants to prescribe something, I first ask if there is a natural alternative, or if there is something I can do diet or exercise-wise to address the issue. If there is, then this is what I try, first. Still, prescriptions are a “last resort” sort of thing for me.


Nope! I had the same problem when I had a cold last year. I felt so yucky, I didn’t even think about what I was taking.
I came to the forum, and got the same response. You are good. :blush:



I like your nuanced approach here. My last relapse was indeed a relapse, by this definition.

Day 235, getting better at getting better.