This is why I'm here

Hi Im Keith,

I am 5 days sober and here’s the story of how I got to this point.

Growing up as a teenager maybe 15/16, I was never a big drinker. I drank a bit with my mates but I certainly didn’t binge like some of them did. I didn’t like the way it made me feel.

It all really started when I moved to Spain in my early 20s to DJ. Free drinks every night and the pressure to be entertaining, even when I couldn’t be bothered was enough to get me drinking (and drug taking) every night.

At my worst I used to shake if I didn’t have a drink. After 7 years there I moved back to the UK. Away from the temptations somewhat I managed to hold down a “proper” job. I still drank heavily at the weekends.

I tried all the methods addicts do: "I’ll just drink Lager not spirits; I’ll just drink on a weekend…etc None of these ever worked.

I have suffered from depression for at least the past year and my drinking got worse as a result.

I’ve broke things in the house, said horrible things to my family, I have no energy for my kids, who must hate me.

I need to change, and to do that I have had to realise my weaknesses and am willing to face them now, however hard it may be.

My first AA meeting is on Monday. I’m nervous, slightly ashamed but I’m not fucking about now. This will get beaten.

Thanks for your time.


Hey Keith, thanks for sharing your story, I love the determination in your post, congratulations on your 5 days. Keep us posted how your first meeting goes…from what I can gather you will be welcomed in like long lost family. :blue_heart:


Thanks for sharing Kieth. Great to see you moving forward.
Remember we are here.
And don’t be nervous or ashamed. It take courage and strength to do what you’re doing.


Thanks very much. I am already finding out how awesome this community is.

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Thanks mate,

It’s overwhelming how good people are on here. Cheers for the support.

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Hi Keith welcome, there is fantastic support on here, a real community and no judgements. Stick around , read loads of posts and ask as many questions as you want. Good luck with AA I’ve not tried it properly yet myself but I know so many on here who have benefited so much from it. Have a look at our “Little thread of sunshine” posts. It’s mostly people from the UK or on the similar time zone though it’s great when others chip in too :blush:. Just if you’re struggling and need someone available there is pretty much always someone around on it but loads of helpful threads here. Good luck :blush:


Great your going to try meetings they help ,helped me stay sober for a long time now wish you well

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Glad you’re here, Keith.
Use your feelings of shame as a motivator, then let them go. You are doing a great thing, so carry on with that feeling instead!


Thanks Leo. I haven’t checked out online meetings but I’ll have a look now. :+1:

Thanks @Frantasticooo I’m a bit nervous bit I’ve only ever heard good things about the meetings. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you after :blush: a little confidence trick before you head in stand like a superhero… :man_superhero::man_superhero::man_superhero:


I’ll keep this in my mind, as an essence of the purpose of this forum!

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Hi Keith, I love your honesty and determination. Depression is a beast. It may require medication to control, but seek the help of a therapist or doctor you trust, so you know you have accountability.

The first 3-5 days are always the hardest, so Congratulations on getting through that! It’s no small feat! Wishing you the very best…

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Hey Keith. Welcome to this amazing sober beautiful family on here. Deciding to become sober and stay sober is the best decision in life I think and you will meet many supporting people on here with great advice and long time sobriety. Read a lot and ask a lot. Write if you have cravings. This app is amazing and using it in a right way does help on your sobriety.
I myself went to an AA meeting a couple of weeks ago for the very first time and I was super scared but it was so worth it. I loved it and it is another great tool to stay sober. I have two little kids and like you as a father our kids deserve to have sober and happy parents. You go and fight. You can do it. Looking forward to hear from you!


Love this. I’m only Day 5, and in the past (even now) I could not imagine vacations without booze. This sounds inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, that comment from @anon12657779 meant a lot. Thanks guys.

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I dream about making memories as a sober version of me.



Thanks @anon35096624. Your kids are lucky to have a strong mum. I aspire to be the same.

Thank you.