Three days without alcohol!

Much joy, seems little, but for those who are recovering, every day is a journey.
I thank everyone who gave me some of their time by stimulating me with noble words.

Carlos, Brazil


Good job. I almost made it 3 days till yesterday. I failed and had quite a few drinks. Felt absolutely horrible about it. Back on day 1 right now and doing good with it. Stay strong and keep it up!


Your 3 days are as every bit as special as my 208. If anything they are more special…that struggle in the beginning is one hell of a mountain to climb over. Outstanding job!


Every single sober day is a great one and one to be proud of. Day 17 here. Drifting off to sleep and into day 18. Early days are hard and I’m still very new to this but you are here and seeking support it means you WANT this. Find the strength in yourself and take support where you can. One day at a time good luck


Good look for you!

Congratulations!! Thanks!!

In no time you will be there…it is amazing how time flies