Throwback Thursday: before & after sobriety selfies

A LOT has changed for me! It’s crazy to see the difference but I’ve never felt better!!! Share your before & afters


Your beautiful. I love you with short hair it’s very becoming.

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Your pictures tell a beautiful story: getting better at getting better each and every day!

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I have no photos to share but well done, you truly are a great role model

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The top photos were in the past 5 or 6 months.

:arrow_up: Sober!


About 3 years ago zoned out on shit tons of oxycontin and xanax and a couple weeks ago 15 plus months clean.


Thank you so much!!

Thank you, that is so sweet! I appreciate that!

First picture I was deep into cocaine and alcohol. 30 years old was using for 15 years straight.

Second and third picture is me about a year sober.


You look amazing. :heart:

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Amazing. You look great.

I just love your kitten in 3rd pic. So adorable. :cat2:

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