Time to rant

Ah my favorite place to go to open up about drinking…couple of big ticket items are happening in my life. I hit 300 days on Sunday (wowza), I’m proposing in 6 days (double wowza), and I’m taking off on a trip with my then (hope to be!) Fiance in 7 days to st Louis…here is my dilemma. Throughout all of these blessings, I really want to celebrate and feel as if though I need to! This is a once in a lifetime occasion and what’s one drink at a Budweiser plant tour going to do to my overall life? Yes I throw away 300 days of sobriety, and yes I will feel disappointed. But I absolutely hate that the only way I can defeat something is by making it obsolete. I absolutely hate it, I should be able to simply have a kraft beer and enjoy that beer without going overboard…in the end everyone, I know I won’t go through with it because the improvement in maturation, improvement in my health over the past year (type 1 diabetic), improvement in finances, and most importantly the improvement in my relationship and everyday life has improved incredibly…this post makes no sense but it does at the same time, and I just needed to get it out there.

Hope as the holiday weekend approaches everyone focuses even more on their goals and don’t allow negative thoughts to affect them.


ROFL! A “craft beer” at a Budweiser plant. Kind of an oxymoron. If you’re a real alcoholic/addict like I am then you lost the Power of Choice. From a sober State of Mind without doing the work is outlined in the big book Alcoholics Anonymous my mind will convince me to have one celebratory drink. In fact in Chapter 3 of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous it talks about a friend named Jim with a similar example of the first drink. My experience has shown that once I take that first drink I lose all Power of Choice and control as to whether or not I’ll take a second and hundreds more. My experience has shown me that I always end up asking myself how did this happen again? The idea of a craft beer sounds great but if you’re a real alcoholic/addict like me there’s no telling what will happen after that first drink but out will surely end with pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. Once I set off the phenomenon of craving I can no longer dictate the ability to stop. Congratulations on all the good that’s in your life and keep on the great path!


Congratulations on all of it! They are all worth so much more than any craft beer. :sparkling_heart:

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You’re looking at what you can’t do (The only way to defeat something is to make it obsolete) rather what you can do. You’ve already stated how your life is better because it’s obsolete in your life. You know exactly what will happen if you turn in your 300 days of sobriety for “just one” beer. Craft or not, it will take you down that rabbit hole eventually. Don’t open that door. However, your vent is reality of what we face and it’s wonderful you came to your people to get it out there.


Congrats on all the things happening in your life!!

I know this may seem controversial to some, but they do make non-alcoholic beers out there that are 0.00% to 0.5%. I’ve tasted a few that were actually pretty good in time that I wanted to celebrate.

I mean this goes the same when I drink kombucha which has a little tiny bit which is naturally fermented with less than 0.5% alcohol just from the nasty little bacteria that floats around in it - but hey gotta take care of my gut.

Or I just drink soda water with a splash of orange juice - but like everyone else said “one beer” is going to break your sobriety. We’re alcoholics and time and time again it’ll never just be “one beer.” Don’t risk it.

Either way congratulations and I firmly believe you can do this.


Congratulations on your amazing milestones!! What made you go sober and strong for 300plus days? Dont get me wrong, i love the taste of beer too, why to drink at all if not get tipsy? Not to mention the beer breath is not sexy!! We’ll have many many happy memories, happy life events to celebrate, so where do we draw the line?