Tips to help nicotine problem?

Hello all,
So I’ve been dipping and smoking cigarettes for a while now and I really want to stop both because they are disgusting and unattractive. Could I get some tips and tricks to help? Thanks a bunch!

You know there is apps for this one too :slight_smile: willingness my friend.i hope u will succeed !

Maybe put a few sticky notes around your house that constantly remind you that your body will be rid of nicotine in 3 days! Also some with encouraging affirmations. Only 3 days for the withdrawal symptoms to subside! It will take your brain about 3 months to return to normal chemical balance, but try and focus on getting through those first three days and avoid all your usual smoking spots!
With every milestone you reach, think of the drastic health improvement of your lungs and gums!
20 minutes after quitting: Heart rate returns to normal
2 hours after quitting: Blood pressure lowers and circulation improves!
12 hours after quitting: Carbon dioxide levels lessen = your blood oxygen level increases!
Within two or three days you will start to smell and taste things better!
Think of these little milestones and celebrate when you reach each one until those early withdrawal symptoms subside. If it helps, make a health timeline for any information you can find and include pictures even! Visual aids are amazing for quitting smoking. Good luck, you can do it!


You should read the easy way to quit smoking by Allen Carr, Instead of telling you why smoking is bad he just breaks down the excuses we are using to smoke then the truth about why actually do. Very good to help get you in the right state of mind to quit, without feeling like you lost something. And you can smoke while you are reading it if you want to.I just quit smoking again today actually hopefully for the last time if you want a quit buddy or what not. Made it thought day one and it was easier than I was expecting. Good luck

Not going to lie, it sucks really bad trying to quit smoking.

I was in rehab and couldn’t smoke for two weeks, I was able to handle.

2 weeks after leaving and being at home was the worst. Wayyyyyy harder than trying not to drink.

Ultimately, it was my daily prayers, and extreme will power to not smoke. Once I hit about 45 days, the extreme urges went away. Now I only get the occasional twinge to to want to smoke.

Use the patch or gum for sure. Then dig deep on the will power.