Tired in the morning

Good morning All :sunglasses:
I’ve been sober for 21 days but in the last few days I’ve been feeling extremely tired in the morning even though I sleep 7-8 hours a night.
Earlier in my sobriety I was feeling super rested in the morning. But now I’m very tired.
Has anyone else experienced this?

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Definitely! I felt like I didn’t sleep and low energy. I found doing things, exercise, repairs I’ve neglected and lots of lists of items to do kept me wanting to push through that wall. I still have those mornings, a dangerous place for me. Stay with and congrats on your sober time!


Yes I did.
I put it down to my body healing and accepted it as part of the process and on those days took care of myself. Made sure I didn’t endanger my sobriety.
This too shall pass.


Yes. At first I had loads of energy. Probably bc it felt so good to wake up without a hangover every day. And I slept sooo much while I was drinking. I used that energy to get a lot done and started exercising again but around a month it caught up to me. I got sick for a week and stopped doing anything extra and now I’m having a hard time getting back to my routine. But like Geo said, our body is healing, and its gonna take time, so just take it easy. Day by day. Nap if you have to, I have been when I need it. Which seems like every day lately. But I know it will balance out eventually.


Makes sense! Happy to know I’m not the only one who’s feeling like this. The energy I had in the beginning motivated me to continue - it was such a big contrast from waking up hungover. Anyway, I will try and listen to my body and rest If needed. And I will continue making efforts to keep my exercise routine, even if I have to slow it down a bit on days where I don’t have as much energy. Thanks for the support :heart: