Today is very special

So, today is a very special day for me, and has brought rewards as well as challenges.

Yesterday, I got told that a grant application has been accepted to help grow my business. Today that should be made official. And so I would normally have been legless last night, with more officially sanctioned partying going on today.

But I did not weaken. And my counter tells me I am only 1 week away from my two months milestone.

Today is also my birthday. Although I have only celebrated one birthday in the last 30 years, I have been given two presents today. One is really good, and that is my counter tells me I am only 1 week away from my two months milestone (You cannot tell that I am pleased about that at all, can you? :grin::rofl:) But also my weight is coming down. I have lost 1 ½ stone (21lbs, 10kg). I am now the lowest weight I have been in many years. I have a long way to go, I have to still lose at least the same again, but I honestly cannot remember when I was last at this weight.

And that is thanks to knowing that you guys are there if ever I need to talk :+1::tada::partying_face:


Wow, what a shower of fantastic and happy news!!! Congratulations and happy birthday and well done!!! :tada: :birthday: :fist_right: :sparkles: :fist_left: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Really happy for you and I hope you spent this day with a real sober treat for yourself.

Congrats on these great accomplishments!

Wow this is amazing to read, so inspiring. Happy birthday and congratulations on your many achievements!!

Awesome news, congratulations. I’ve enjoyed reading your stories

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Thank you all, I am looking forward to a sober relaxing evening after work. That is if I actually get to work… That I can cope with, but the fact it has to be a low calorie sober evening is going to be harder to deal with :rofl:

Maybe I could go for a small pizza and a bottle of alcohol free wine as a treat :grin::+1:

Happy birthday and huge congratulations on all your accomplishments! Thats a massive boost! Sending lots virtual of party balloons and presents :balloon::gift::tada::balloon::gift::balloon:

Congratulations. Well done!! :confetti_ball: im nearly at 2 months as well :blush:
And the weightloss is terrific. How long did it take for you to loose the 10kg if you dont mind me asking? Ive lost 4.5kg since quitting drinking.

Congratulations on your success! Stay well and remember how wonderful this moment feels, there will be more to come.

Happy Birthday :birthday:

Good for you brother! :slight_smile: Keep it up. I am glad to hear your positive news. God bless you!

This is my first read of the day on TS. All of this is so kewl @Prof . I usually go right to a daily check-in,I’m so grateful my HP led me here. Congratulations in advance for two months of sobriety. Congratulations on the grant,the weight loss, but mostly on your inner beauty shining through. I love seeing my fellow sojourners succeeding on every level. Thank you for sharing your joy.

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It has taken me 1 month and 21 days.

I am trying to eat reasonably healthy for 4 days a week, while watching how much I eat.

The other three days, I get by on the very bare minimum to keep hunger at bay.

I am lacking in exercise, but my weight was quite excessive, excessive enough to make any exercise very difficult.

As you can see, it has taken me this much weight loss to just get to being obese. The next step it to get to being overweight, and I think at that point I can then start exercising, and return to a more normal diet of healthy food, and rely on the exercise to help me lose the rest of my weight target, whilst improving my body tone.

I did start taking orlistat pills from the doctor to help me stop absorbing fat from my food, but I have cut most fat from my diet anyway, and so I have stopped taking them, as they serve no more use.

Although my target weight is 12st 7lb, I think I would settle for 13st :grin:


Thank you all so much for your wishes and virtual presents…

I wish you all the very best with each of your respective journeys and I hope you all reach the goals you have set yourselves.

My sincere congratulations


Wow well done you! I replaced drinking with the gym. Im bot a gym fan but it kills the empty hours in the afternoon/evening i would have been drinking. I try do 3 times a week. I just did treadmill before but this week am trying to gain my confidence and try some of the machines. Slowly slowly youll get there. Ive been cutting out fat too due to the state of my liver and high blood pressure.