Tommorow is the day

Checking into a sober house at 10 am tommorow morning 70 miles away from my home. Hoping to finally get the help I need, and a place to make peace with God. Im so tired of living in this alcoholic depression. Wish me luck, thanks to everyone here. We all have different battle scars, but are all part of the same war.


Hi @mr_f4b good luck for tomorrow… you won’t regret getting sober… Life is so much more manageable when sober… plus the good times seem so much better when sober… keep checking in :grin:

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All the best of luck. Keep us posted how you’re doing. We are all routing for you.

Good luck!!!

You won’t regret it. I found that most people who live there will probably be trying real hard to get clean too. Usually the guys are pretty friendly as well.

I sure wish you the beginning of sobriety for life @mr_f4b. I think ‘now’ is the toughest part. When you know in your heart you have a problem, when others know you have a problem, and you just plain have nothing left in you to fight for a drink anymore. There’s a better way to live. It’s beautiful on the other side & I hope you find it. God will help you right from the beginning, if you seek him :hugs:


You got this @mr_f4b. Happy to hear your taking care of yourself. You deserve it. Remember it’s only for today.


Congratulations Robert on making the life-changing decision to better yourself. We are all fighting the war of the addiction and in my book that makes us all an extended family with a special bond that only our family members can understand. We are here to help each other on our journey into sobriety and a new way of life… Stay safe my friend and be kind to yourself.


Robert, hope you’re doing well my friend. Just know you are doing the right thing for yourself.


This last week has been a blessing. The house is beautiful, clean and everyone shares the common goal of getting and staying sober.