"Trauma and the Twelve Steps" by Jamie Marich Ph.D

Has anyone read or had any experience working with this book? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts, either in this thread or through a private message.



I think i will give it a look!

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If anyone does read this I would be interested in hearing about it. More recovery is good recovery.

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I have ordered and will update as and when I have a look. It was recommended to me tonight by my therapist who specialises in trauma and substance abuse and has worked her own program. It appears to be designed for sponsors/professionals for working the steps with people with trauma in order to be careful of triggering memories etc, but I would like to have a look at it and share it with my own sponsor and see if there are things we can both learn from it.


I’d like to know your thoughts as well. This could be a good choice for many of us I’m sure, if the content is good. Thanks!

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I’m interested too @aircircle :pray:

Hey all, here is the update. This book is kind of clinical, and designed for people working with others with trauma and using a 12 step program. So it is designed for therapists, clinicians, and even sponsors to give a trauma informed approach. Some aspects of the way 12 step programs are implemented can be problematic or triggering to trauma, so this identifies and informs alternative ways of dealing with it. I found it helpful. BUT, it is NOT a guide through the steps. I have found A Woman’s Way Through the 12 Steps to be a very helpful, trauma informed active way to work through the steps, so I refer to that in the actual doing of my step work. Another one is Mindfulness and the 12 steps. Overall, I am glad I have it and it is a good reference book, but it isn’t a way to work the steps and it is more clinical focused. Hope that helps!


Omg wow. I would so like to read this!!

@JazzyS stumbled on this tread. At least it confirms there is more to it then my sponsor is aware of.

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I do love this community and all the threads here
so much knowledge and information to sift through.

I am grateful that you did find this information - maybe suggest this book to your counselor cause i do not think he is familiar with dealing with trauma and the 12 steps. I would also try to find a counselor this is more equipped with this knowledge and better suited for you.