Trigger, trigger chicken dinner

My kids are still off school, and our babysitter is sick, so I’ve had to bring them to work the past two days. They are 6&7, and being rowdy. I work with the public, (have a shop), so I’m trying to control the situation, but my kids don’t give a rats ass if there are customers in the store.

Realllllly feel like a drink today. Remembering and acknowledging the stress of my kids is my biggest trigger. They go back to school in 5 days. One day at a time really feels long right now!


Ooh boy I know the kids can be huge triggers, as much as we adore them they also have the unique ability to drive us a special kind of insane sometimes. Hang in there, picture a nice hot mug of tea or a hot bath when you get home. Some cozy Pjs and put a movie on for the kids and get some quiet time. You’ve done great so far and I enjoy your posts, you’ll get through this!

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Sister, I would imagine this is quite a challenge. I would also imagine that a 6&7 y/o are quite adept at feeding off of each other’s energy. I’ve been blessed with 2 “only’s”, as my kids are 18 years apart, but I’ve watched my niece and nephew (twins) go from playing quietly, to becoming something of a “state of emergency”.

Have you tried bribery? For every hour spent quietly doing X, you both get Y. But if one blows it, they both loose it?

Just brainstorming here.

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Boy can I relate to this. My boys are 8 and 9 (15 months apart), and one of them has an attitude from hell!! I’ve been home with them for the last two weeks and have let them play video games for hours on end to avoid any triggers. I hate that they are getting so much screen time, but i guess it’s a small price to pay. Hang in there. You are an inspiration to me!

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Oh yep, I hear you. They could play video games 12 hours straight if I let them. (I don’t, but still too much). It’s survival mode sometimes. Mine are two boys 16 months apart.

Bribery is one of my go-to’s…starts to lose effectiveness, but I still do it.

Your customers won’t mind the kids so don’t fret about that. Calm your mood, take a few deep breaths and centre yourself, they’ll sense your vibes and act on them, show that you are in control and they’ll soon get in line.

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I figured. You being a veteran Mum and all. Good luck to you. This too shall pass, and quickly I hope.

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U can do it lovely! We are here for you! All you have to do is avoid the first drink. Thats it. For as long as u can like ur life depends on it…cause it does.

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Oh, they definitely smell fear.

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Your fear or theirs? Indifference to acting out usually works with my niece’s and nephews. I don’t have kids myself though so I don’t have much experience here.

Keep calm and carry on as they say.

First time ever taking them out to dinner after a hard day with them at the store where I ordered tea:


Nice!! Love the name of the tea, you deserve it!

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My kids are a trigger for me as well. I have 3 girls under 4 years old. It’s really crazy


5 year old twins and a 9 year old…can completely relate!!! Hang in there, bedtime is bliss.

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